The vibrant, sunny sound of L.A. duo @itsPapaYamusic heats up the rest of North America with “Cali Girl”

PAPA YA, “Cali Girl”

They don’t release music too often, but when they do the song is usually a humdinger, and “Cali Girl” by L.A. duo Papa Ya is no exception.  Like a few other performers from the hotter parts of the US, Papa Ya intentionally spreads the warmth through their music.  “Cali Girl” shows off the band’s above average local gal who makes a guy lose “his head like vertigo”.  There’s nothing new here thematically, but it’s all in great fun, and Nate and Alex know how to write an execute a song that is laden with hooks.  So take a breather and relax, and “Cali Girl” will definitely help make your day that much brighter!

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It’s a happy-go-lucky throwback – and instant Graduation Song for 2019 – for @itsPapaYamusic with “Yesterday”

PAPA YA, “Yesterday”

Every once in a while L.A. duo Papa Ya grace us with a new, cheery slice-of-life song.  This year we have the wistful bop “Yesterday”, obviously written with a past love in mind.  But with a delightful video of home movies and a summery synth melody, “Yesterday” also has Graduation Song 2019 written all over it and to me should be marketed as such!  This is a no-brainer, feel good, singalong in whose lyrics anyone can see themselves.  Do yourself a favour and stream and download “Yesterday” and remember where you read about it!

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It’s back to the beach for fun with @itsPapaYamusic and “Explicit”

PAPA YA, “Explicit”

L.A. duo Papa Ya continue to create inviting pop flavours which I would like to call electroBeach, such as with their latest, “Explicit”.  It’s well done electronic pop, deliberately made sunny side up, with infectious rhythms carried by a nice bass track and genuine, feel-good vocals.  Invariably, the melody will scream out to you “Ignition” (the R. Kelly hit from 2003), while the mood is rooted in say Michael Jackson’s “Rock With You” (as the lyrics reflect).  So yeah there’s a lot that is borrowed here but it’s all assembled in a nice package that’s guaranteed to make you dance and have a great time.  What more can you ask for?  Check it out at the link above.

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L.A. duo @itsPapaYa keeps it light and zingy with “Tumbleweed”

PAPA YA, “Tumbleweed” (free DL)

Although they haven’t yet released many songs, L.A. duo Papa Ya seems to have the category of New Beach Party Music all to themselves if they want it!  They get lit, in more ways than one, with their latest single “Tumbleweed”, which follows up “Sunny” and last year’s “Oom Zigga”.  It’s another song anyone young or older can relate to, sung by the guy next door who’s just out to have a good time and you’re welcome to join him whether or not you choose to participate in his habit of choice.  And if you’re going to have an instrumental hook blasting out of the car on a blue, sunny day then it might as well be those far-reaching synthetic horns.  So just let go, dance, and relax for a while and get to know “Tumbleweed” through its free download link up top.

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Your new catch phrase? “Oom Zigga” brings the beach party courtesy of @itsPapaYa with @_MalcolmAnthony

PAPA YA featuring MALCOLM ANTHONY, “Oom Zigga” (free DL)

If you find traces of sand on your floor despite not being anywhere near a beach, then it may be the result of listening to LA-based duo Papa Ya with “Oom Zigga”, featuring New Jersey hip hop performer Malcolm Anthony.  It’s the follow up to the toe-tapper “Sunny”, and where “Sunny” got you dreaming about the beach, “Oom Zigga” takes you to the party along with some rhythmic chanting that you might find more in a campfire song from yesteryear.  But like “Sunny”, “Oom Zigga” is straight up fun that you don’t want to think about too much, otherwise you’ll simply prevent the title phrase from getting stuck in your head.  The beach boy pop/hip hop blend goes down easy, and you can get your own copy of “Oom Zigga” for free at the Soundcloud link above.

Papa Ya is touring with MAX in some of his upcoming US shows so watch out for them!

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DNCEtothis: “Sunny” by L.A.-based duo @itsPapaYa

PAPA YA, “Sunny” (free DL)

A year ago at this time I was all over DNCE’s “Cake By The Ocean”, which even with Joe Jonas’ star power fronting the record could have died a simple death on the pop charts had it not been such a grower of an earworm.  In a mighty similar vein comes L.A.-based duo Papa Ya – nothing to do with papayas here unless they want to use it as their trademark 😛 – with “Sunny”.  The song simply gets better as it goes along and as some of us move into colder months we relish being transported to gorgeous L.A. beaches.  “Sunny” has a really dynamic hook, a playful tone, and a slick vocal to make it very much worth your while.  Like with that DNCE song – now one of 2016’s biggest and most memorable hits – do not let this sleeper “Sunny” by Papa Ya go unnoticed.  Start off by downloading it for free at the above link.

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