Pop/rock singer/songwriter @PeterWisemusic is back with jaunty feel-good single “Neutral”

PETER WISE, “Neutral”

I first brought NYC’s Peter Wise to your attention just under two months ago and he’s back with a follow up to “Window Dressing” called “Neutral”.  Peter definitely has a songwriting flair to keep you listening. A natural with whimsy that makes much of the music of Paul McCartney, John Mayer, Jason Mraz and others so easy to digest, Peter tackles that important place that we get to sometimes with dating where you don’t quite know what to do, so the easiest thing is to do nothing!  That is until your right kind of person comes along which allows you to move out of “Neutral”.  The song features excellent harmonies and a fine, enthusiastic vocal from Peter, your new voice of encouragement for these situations.  

NYC singer/songwriter @PeterWisemusic calls out for individuality in “Window Dressing”

PETER WISE, “Window Dressing”

Peter Wise basks in a classic pop/rock setting and reshapes it and makes it his own in “Window Dressing”.  He’s supported as diverse talent as The Eagles and Lisa Fischer, and has his own stories to tell in his own way.  Graced with a beautiful tone in his voice, you might think at the start that “Window Dressing” might be full of upbeat whimsy, like early Jason Mraz. But the song is about staying true to yourself and forging your own path, rather than being a cookie-cutter facsimile to the latest trend in pop music.  He gets his point across in an earnest, ear-catching way without having the need to create a big anthem about being an underdog.  With fine songs like “Window Dressing”, expect Peter Wise to get his due as more people learn about him and his songs.