#BILLCSTop 30, #591, July 6/20

The new chart is here, after I wrote about 19 new releases during the last two weeks, some of them future chart contenders for sure!

Songs from some of the finest albums of the year dominate my Top 5.  And that’s coming from me, who hardly listens to albums anymore.  But in my days growing up and listening to my local radio stations and collecting their charts, I’ve always been a singles/song guy.  I have my fair share of albums and CD’s, but my collection of 45’s, 12″ dance mixes, and CD singles (plus a few cassingles) likely equals them.  And if you add a few thousand mp3’s from the last 20 years – well… my albums are far outnumbered.  There are also four songs that debut on the chart.

Those albums I mentioned at the top by the way are called Chromatica, What’s Your Pleasure, and The Lasers.

The race for #1 was tighter than you think, but Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande’s “Rain On Me”, from Chromatica, climbs 3-1.  Strangely, Gaga has only reached #1 on my chart once, in 2010 with the KING5CAT remix of “Teeth”, and it’s Ariana’s first trip to the top.  And also from Chromatica, “Sine From Above”, her duet with Elton John, climbs 18-13.

“You’ll Be OK” by Gareth Emery featuring Annabel slips to #2, but after watching his online set where he played all of the songs from his upcoming album The Lasers, I can’t wait to add it to my collection!

“Never Let Me Down” by German producers VIZE with British singer/songwriter Tom Gregory climbs 7-3.  It’s a classic single where you simply cannot knock the hook and chorus.

What’s Your Pleasure is Jessie Ware’s best album since Tough Love in 2014.  It’s fun and rhythmic, full of affection and romance… and dancing!  “Save A Kiss” is the Fastest Riser of the week and climbs 14-4.

To keep us entertained until his full album Fun City arrives, Bright Light Bright Light not only holds steady at #5 with the 90’s house-flavoured “This Was My House”, but he’s released a third single and video from the album called “I Used To Be Cool”.  Check out Rod’s escapades as a lusty houseboy below! 

The only other new song in the Top 10 is a most deserving one.  Alesso’s top notch “Midnight”, featuring Liam Payne on vocals, rises 11-9.  It’s Alesso’s second Top 10 on this chart following “Falling” from a few years back.

From his brand new EP Rewind, which I wrote about last week, is “What I Deserve” by singer/songwriter Victor Perry.  This unique, soulful, electronic song soars 25-16.  The second single release, a more uptempo electronic track once again in partnership with German producer Levi, is called “Greenlight”, which you can hear below.

Toronto R&B/pop singer/songwriter Tafari Anthony continues a steady move up the chart with his cutting single “Centerfold”, rising 21-17.

While we’re without dance floors right now, you can always create your own in your living room or basement or wherever!  Greyson Chance’s heartfelt “Dancing Next To Me” should then be added immediately to your playlist.  It moves up 24-18.

Rufus Wainwright’s new album Unfollow The Rules arrives this week, and from it comes the jaunty and playful “You Ain’t Big”, which climbs 27-21.

The Highest Debut on the chart belongs to Toronto’s Francesco Yates, who has just released his fantastic new EP Superbad.  It’s no-holds-barred second single “Bad Decisions” bows at #22.  It’s Francesco’s 4th chart entry; his hit “Better To Be Loved” reached #6 five summers ago.

Next up is a blast of classic house done absolutely right.  British producer Eli Brown’s “Desire” will pump you up for that eventual return to the clubs, and it debuts at #25.

American production duo Midnight Kids return to the chart after last year’s #5 “Those Were The Days” with Jared Lee.  The thoughtful singalong electronic pop of “Monsters” arrives at #26 from their debut album called The Lost Youth.

As “Diamond Skin” exits the chart after reaching #6 a few weeks back, UK singer/songwriter Sam Dickinson continues his run on the chart with the second single from his upcoming album Off Script called “Cry Wolf”.  It premieres at #28 and you can read my thoughts about it in the recent blog post.  A third single from Off Script is on deck this month too.

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“Rewind” is the charming and thoughtful new pop/soul EP from NYC-based singer/songwriter Victor Perry @wallflowerperry


Hot off the presses, Rewind is the first EP from Georgia-born, NYC-based singer/songwriter Victor Perry since 2016’s 4 A.M. Nostalgia.  Throughout his intervening work with numerous dance music producers and in the EP of his own side project Labrose, Victor’s songwriting and style has grown immensely.  His aim is to be a versatile pop-soul singer like his idols, Whitney Houston and Rihanna, while also being a thoughtful songwriter who can concoct great songs for his far-ranging voice.  

The six songs in Rewind appeal because of their ability to be steadfast and solid, challenging the listener with his words while making them shine with the varied tones in his voice. “What I Deserve”, the lead single, is the best example of Victor stretching his boundaries with an emotional song, yet it’s one that instantly grows on you too.  In “Undercurrent”, there are times when Victor is heard singing without words and that’s just as eminently listenable as the rest of the song.  In “Run”, his higher vocal range is put to great use, and his ability to control those high notes and make them into another instrument is testament to his talent.  The EP is rounded out with two other gentle pop/soul songs, “Reciprocity” and the title song (with first co-producer Chris Belmont), as well as the lead off dance track “Greenlight”, another delight for fans of his work with second co-producer Levi alongside “Lost Boy”, “Moonlight”, and “Sail”.

Rewind is an EP that will appeal to all ages and traverses the pop-soul genres, often relying on softer melodies that anchor unique lyrics and perspectives.  I expect that Rewind will afford Victor many more opportunities that will be the result of much ongoing hard and well-thought out work that often sounds graceful and effortless in the end.


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Have a blast with the good humour of “Superstar” by #ThePrinceKarma


The music of “Superstar” is a throwback to European dance hits of the 90’s like Real McCoy’s “Another Night” with dashes of novelty humour like in Aqua’s “Barbie Girl”.  It’s set to a strut-worthy beat as brought to you by the Greek artist known as The Prince Karma. The Prince caught attention not long ago in Europe with “Later Bitches” and “No More”, and “Superstar” is the lead track from a new three song EP.  The lightheartedness of “Superstar” is reinforced by its goofy video, which is an affable homage to “A Night At The Roxbury” at times.  The Prince Karma is no flash in the pan though.  The rest of the EP features two other strong songs, one about “Rick James” and the other called “It’s The DJ”, another homage this time to classic house music with vocal by no less than house legend Ron Carroll (also heard recently on Mercer’s amazing house jam “Satisfy”).  Expect to hear much more from The Prince Karma.

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80’s classic “Talking In Your Sleep” is turned inside out and transformed by singer @LiaRosemusic (c/o TV’s #TheOrder)

LIA ROSE, “Talking In Your Sleep”

Lia Rose hails from San Francisco, and a lot of Netflix viewers heard her rendition of The Romantics’ 1984 smash “Talking In Your Sleep” in the final moments of the finale to season two of “The Order”.  I dread covers of some of my favourite songs, but on occasion an artist can transform one with a fresh take.  Lia Rose gives the bright and bouncy rock/dance track a deep and dark twist, slowing it down with a lush and languid melody accompanied by a taut vocal.  Kudos to the music producers for “The Order” because “Talking In Your Sleep” fit the scene perfectly.  And it has opened up many doors for Lia Rose, through which “Talking In Your Sleep” will continue to find fans.

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British rocker @JackGarratt sings a timely reassurance that everything will be “Better”


In these strange times, “Better” by Jack Garratt contains an optimistic viewpoint that music fans need to hear.  It’s culled from his second album Love, Death & Dancing, which is divided up into four parts.  “Better” kicks off part two, and at times Jack’s vocal will remind you of label-mate Brandon Flowers; the energy level in the song could easily have taken cues from The Killers’ earlier releases.  It all amounts to an infectious rocker, full of nifty guitar work and hooks which underscore Jack’s reassurances that “everything will work itself out”.  And that’s a simple philosophy that needs to be bottled up and given away.  Hearing it in “Better” though is a great start!


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Nashville’s @thisisMokita sings about being completely smitten in “Bad”


After many fine songs in 2019 – two of which, “Kiss And Tell” and “London” reached #3 on my chart and ended up in my Top 20 of the year – Nashville’s Mokita returns with the lighter, whimsical “Bad”.  The singer/songwriter is completely smitten in this song, and he doesn’t care if the object of his affection is “Bad” for him or not, he’ll just have to deal with that and get through it.  You kind of hope it will all work out for him in the end, but most of us know that a one-way crush isn’t going to go anywhere.  Perhaps that’s why the song has a danceable, airy, slice-of-life kind of electronic rhythm that makes it quite enjoyable in just under 3 minutes.

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“17” is full of reminiscences and what if’s, sincerely sung by UK newcomer @AshleySingh__


It’s only his third release, but “17” has the potential to spread wings and take off for UK singer/songwriter Ashley Singh.  His straight-forward pop-rock take on reminiscences and what if’s about a past crush in “17” are so genuine you can hear the natural tremble in his voice.  I won’t give it away, but the song will blindside you with its first verse, so then you have to hear the rest!  Although his influences are wide and varied, citing Coldplay and Joni Mitchell, the melody of “17” screams Shawn Mendes’ “Stitches” (a UK #1 too). The song will also appeal to Shawn’s huge audience, and it doesn’t hurt that he’s blessed with similar good looks of a Zayn Malik either.  Ashley Singh is one fine talent and I look forward to hearing more.

Ashley Singh

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“Ya Bish!” is the ridiculously catchy dancefloor filler from mysterious new producer @partywithraydj

partywithray, “Ya Bish!”

partywithray is an L.A.-based producer/remixer who came out of nowhere seemingly to land on ZHU’s “Came For The Low” last year, which alone has racked up close to 6 million streams on Spotify.  He then grabbed a remix spot on Mahalo & Disco Killerz’s EP for “Tongue Tied”.  Following a similarly mysterious path to ZHU, partywithray (who appears to be aka Freddy Janney) has now released “Ya Bish!”.  It’s a trifle of electronic nonsense, except that it has the one-two punch of a killer of a whispered vocal hook, layered over top of an irresistible, droning bass synth.  That simply spells Dancefloor Filler in my books.  Don’t be surprised to hear this in one of the online electronic festival events in the middle of a set that’s just getting wound up.  “Ya Bish!” is silly and carefree fun, and partywithray is a certainly a promising new producer to watch.

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The right remix brings “I Thought You Were My Friend” by UK singer/songwriter @JamesLeon1 to new heights courtesy of @Pollarik

JAMES LEON, “I Thought You Were My Friend” (Pollarik ’86 remix)

Artists should never give up on a good song.  Originally released last year, London-based singer/songwriter James Leon attracted some fair attention with “I Thought You Were My Friend”. Despite its strong lyrics, I think the mix of the song was missing something.  Producer/remixer Pollarik has worked on some of James’ other songs, so who better to reignite “Friend” with a sizzling 80’s-flavoured remix that is just begging for a dance floor complete with mirror disco ball.  James’ vocal sounds great too in this strut-worthy mix.  Electronic dance music fans, especially those with retro dance fever, will have a blast with this one.

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L.A.-based singer/songwriter @ChrisWallace101 is back with sooo romantic “Let Me Love You”

CHRIS WALLACE, “Let Me Love You”

It’s been great to see L.A.-based singer/songwriter Chris Wallace back and releasing new music after 8 years since the fantabulous “Remember When (Push Rewind)” (from the album also called Push Rewind, which I wrote about back in the day) took over #1 on my chart that summer and finished up as my #2 song of its year.  “Time Bomb” and “Keep Me Crazy” also followed into my Top 10, but then Chris’ career went uncharacteristically quiet.  In recent years he married and became a dad, but that hardly stops an enthusiastic return.  “Let Me Love You” is his third new release (following “Stay Home” and “Insecurities”, whose honesty touched many fans), and is hardly like the aforementioned songs – a warm, romantic ballad that could be a wedding song for future couples, since it was in fact written about the moments leading up to his own marriage proposal (video below).  It’s gentle and sung from the heart with a great vocal, and there’s not much more you can ask for with a song like this.  Chris is now frequently performing and chatting online on Facebook or Instagram, with much more new music on the way, so I can’t wait to hear what’s coming next!

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