Portugal’s #MrGroove (aka @_luis_telo_) has a slick house track with “Time To Go”

MR. GROOVE, “Time To Go”

“Time To Go” is the kind of European house track that goes down like a shot of brandy – slick with a kick!  It’s brought to you by Portugal’s Luis Telo, who records under a variety of names, including Mr. Groove.  The song slams in all the right places, and has a taut uncredited female vocal that smoothly offsets the big beats to share the melodic chorus, which is repeated later in the song without the vocal.  “Time To Go” is a tidy, effortless-sounding dance song that audiences will relate to, and it’s greatly deserving of club DJs’ attention.

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Single #4 from #TAOML is uplifting “Free” by @CarlosdNobrega featuring @JVELmusic

CARLOS NÓBREGA featuring JVEL, “Free”

BANG! And the hits just keep on coming from TAOML (The Art Of Making Love)… as his fans just can’t get enough, “Free” is the 4th single from the recent album by Carlos Nóbrega.  It features a singer from Spain who’s new to me named JVEL, and, alternately sweet-voiced and powerful, he trades off vocals with Carlos like they’ve been singing for years together.  “Free” is a percolating and uplifting song where you can imagine a carefree upbeat evening on the town with your special someone.  It’s already got to #2 on Spain’s iTunes dance chart and the rest of the world just needs to catch up.  Watch the impressive comic book-styled lyric video above 🙂

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“The Art Of Making Love” is here and all for you, with love from @CarlosdNobrega

CARLOS NÓBREGA, The Art Of Making Love

After teasing you with four singles over the past month or so, “The Art Of Making Love”, the full length album by Spain-based Portuguese singer/actor Carlos Nóbrega, has finally arrived after years in the making to make it so special just for you.  Well the folks in Spain rallied enough to have it debut at #4 yesterday on iTunes.  And the rest of Carlos’ patient and devoted fans worldwide have been hitting up this blog to make posts about two of its songs, “You (It’s All About You)”, and “Love, Love, Love” the two most-viewed posts in the almost 8 years of this blog.  

It’s an album about the many facets of love and being in love, even in some cases still being in love after a relationship has ended.  But this is not over-complicated in the least – having fun, enjoying each other, and most importantly ensuring romance is always in the air for your special person.  

Beyond “You (It’s All About You)”, “Love, Love, Love”, “I Love You”, and “Set Me Free”, which have all been enjoyed in advance, there are 14 other songs in The Art Of Making Love’s deluxe edition which you can stream up top on Spotify.  Carlos has you covered for every kind of song that will appeal inside the pop and dance music genres.  Two of my other favourites are “Morning Sun”, a sizzling wake up call to love, and the energetic “Free” (featuring vocalist Jvel), full of joyous bounce.  On the softer side we have the long and luscious “Forever In Love” and the emotional bonus track “Letting You Go”.  “Up and Down” and “Fuck on the Dance Floor” are a little spicier, and Carlos even included my personal favourite by him, the inspiring and contagious “Music Makes You Lose Control”, originally released in 2012 and ever-deserving of a big dance video with lots of costumes.  Perhaps it will be reignited in some 2018 remixes?  Just sayin’….  😀

So do yourself a huge favour and wrap yourself up in the warmth and fun and most of all the love charged in the songs of The Art Of Making Love.  This is the massive start of much more to come in 2017 and 2018 and beyond 🙂


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Needed all around the world today: “Love Love Love” by @CarlosdNobrega

CARLOS NÓBREGA, “Love, Love, Love”

It’s the fourth taste from Carlos’ pop album The Art Of Making Love, due on Friday August 25, and like with its predecessor singles “Set Me Free”, “You (It’s All About You)” (whose recent blog post has had over 18,000 views!), and “I Love You”, “Love, Love, Love” is a song for everyone because we’ve all experienced love of some kind in our lives.  It can be pretty contagious and it’s what’s needed most in the world today, as many other songs currently cry out for love and unity as well – but you also have to desire it.  Carlos was on to it first as these songs have been awaiting release for a while now – and the time for these songs and The Art of Making Love is, impeccably, upon us 🙂  I particularly enjoy the subtle urgency of “Love, Love, Love”, highlighted from some lovely piano notes, never going over the top and letting you embrace its message in the end.  Watch the simple elegance of the lyric video at the link above and pre-order The Art of Making Love from your favourite digital store so that you have it on release day 🙂

In tandem with The Art Of Making Love, Carlos is releasing a highly personal soundscape of sorts that will appeal to lovers of movie soundtracks and lush instrumentals.  You can preview his Almageddon project by listening to “Almageddon: #Madeira” below, and revel in the awesome scenery of the homeland of Carlos Nóbrega, a Portuguese archipelago off the coast of Morocco.

@CarlosdNobrega puts his own unique spins into @JohnLegend’s “All Of Me” (free DL)

CARLOS NOBREGA, “All Of Me” (free download)

It’s hard sometimes to write about a cover of a song that has been recorded to death, but fortunately John Legend’s “All Of Me” is timeless and when the right voice invests in it, then the rendition works well.  Such is the case with Portugal’s Carlos Nóbrega, who has released his cover as part of a free download collection called Songs I Wish I Wrote (Piano Sessions).  This of course is in anticipation of Carlos’ long-awaited album, which I expect will be much more of a rousing dance party 🙂  You can’t really stray too much from the original of a song like “All Of Me” or it won’t work.  The key here is Carlos’ emotional vocal.  This talented singer and actor is a lover, not a fighter, and he puts a few beautiful vocal spins into the mix to make his own interpretation stand out.  Download it for free at the link above, along with the accompanying and equally lovely covers of Sia’s “Breathe Me” and A Great Big World’s “Say Something”.

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Crucial cover: “Say Something” by @AGreatBigWorld as interpreted by @CarlosDNobrega

CARLOS NOBREGA, “Say Something”

Readers of this blog will know that I’m not big on cover versions.  There has to be something special that stands out about them or I move on.  And there’s a proliferation of viral covers online.  Since its release, the Grammy-winning performance of “Say Something” by A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera has been often performed.  And it’s been a while since we’ve heard from Portugal’s always busy singer and actor Carlos Nóbrega – in fact it was with his winning rendition of Sia’s “Breathe Me” (below).  So “Say Something” gets treated quite properly here.  Carlos’ genuinely sincere and affecting interpretation shows in the subtler moments of the song, while giving it power at the appropriate times.  While he’s been busy with other projects in the interim, it’s great to hear a really strong resonance in his voice, which only makes me want to hear new music from him more.  And he promises that new songs are on the way.  “Say Something” is also a great opportunity to introduce new listeners to Carlos’ many talents.  The 2015 ride is only beginning!  “Say Something” is a free download right here.