“Trust” is a compelling danceable confessional from hip hop performer @PrinceFox


It’s dark and funky but Prince Fox has a winner with “Trust”.  Now based in L.A., the hip hop performer lays out a confessional for you all to soak in and enjoy.  With its beat-filled backdrop, the song bridges both hip hop and dance music nicely.  Its effects seem rather simple but work in their favour within the context of the song.  It doesn’t hold anything back when Prince Fox puts forward without a solution that the protagonist is unable to trust anyone and himself.  So what would you do?  “Trust” pushes the envelope while you groove away to the rhythm.

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NYC’s @PrinceFox returns with his unexpected singalong cover of @JimmyEatWorld’s “The Middle”

PRINCE FOX, “The Middle”

Billboard was so impressed with Prince Fox’s take on Jimmy Eat World’s “The Middle” that they gave it a premiere.  And no wonder – his spin on the 2001 alt.rock and pop classic takes the song down a notch or two, taking away none of its original charm – it was in my Top 10 Songs of 2001 (and I am notoriously skeptical of covers of my faves!).  Prince Fox offers an earnest vocal while turning it into a singalong, because you all know the words to it after 17 years, right? 🙂  “The Middle” should not be confused with the current Zedd/Maren Morris/Grey hit, and clubs that play current and retro pop and rock will have customers turning their heads to find out who sings it.  Prince Fox provides one of the most genuine surprises of the year, a song that many think would be untouchable now covered with full credibility.  Give it a full listen up top.

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