@Spirixmusic lends a bright progressive house spin to “Quicksand” by @Feenixpawl & @APEKofficial

FEENIXPAWL & APEK, “Quicksand” (Spirix remix)

Having the duo of Feenixpawl match creative wits with APEK in itself is a wondrous thing, but with remixes on top of that, it couldn’t get any better variety-wise.  So we have young L.A.-based Spirix stirring the progressive house pot with his remix of “Quicksand”.  It’s a downright pretty song, with a powerful but unbilled vocal which takes it to the next level, and would be a great bookend to Elephante & Bishøp’s “Closer”.  The remix makes the song glisten in everything that is shiny and progressive, adding to the emotional wallop and only reshaping a tad what Feenixpawl and APEK had in mind.  “Quicksand” warrants your attention and you can get it for free at the link above.

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@Xan_Griffin puts a progressive spin on “Thief” by @Ookayx

OOKAY, “Thief” (Xan Griffin remix)

California producer/DJ Xan Griffin substitutes the tropical vibes and saxophone riffs of LA producer/singer Ookay’s original version of “Thief” to create a progressive house alternative that stands on its own.  The original intent and somewhat unique song structure (for EDM anyway) is maintained and the result is a touch dramatic but well done.  My only complaint is that, despite a lovely softer ending, this remix of “Thief” ends too soon and could easily have gone on for another minute!   Enjoy and get it for free at the link above.

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@Lyonntweets returns as a duo with the progressive house of “The Symphony”

LYONN, “The Symphony”

Last I wrote about Lyonn in these blog pages, it was a one-man pop band (aka California native Ty Andelman) writing bright shiny tunes like “Just Say Hello”, which even got to #13 on the BILLCS Top 30.  Two years later, Ty’s subsequent partnership with Attila Yavuzer has led the pair quite successfully at a first crack into the EDM progressive house genre with “The Symphony”.  The bright and shiny is still there – and should be reflected in the disco lights 😛  The song itself actually moves along so quickly that it would benefit from some extended remixes, but it’s definitely one meant for handclaps and some hardy partying as you dance the night away.  I dare you to get its sweet melodic hook out of your head!  The EDM dance community should definitely embrace Lyonn’s “The Symphony”.   Download it for free at the link above.

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Chilled and Funked Out: @Snowmassbeats works over “Sound Of Home” by #SterlingGrove featuring #EllynWoods

STERLING GROVE featuring ELLYN WOODS, “Sound Of Home” (Snowmass remix)

One thing about remixes from Chicago producer Snowmass:  expect the unexpected!  He takes a trippy chilled out alt-EDM song by Montreal duo Sterling Grove called “Sound Of Home”, featuring fellow Montrealer, pop/jazz vocalist Ellyn Woods, and attaches a deep funk edge that will pound the hell out of huge club speakers.  The now dramatic house rhythm chugs along while you strut your stuff and creates a perfectly alternate setting for Ellyn’s distant but still affecting vocal.  All in all, though Sterling Grove’s original has a different kind of appeal, Snowmass has re-envisioned “Sound Of Home” quite well which should make club DJ’s very happy indeed.  Download it for free at the link above.

@Manseofficial’s stunner “Freeze Time”(featuring @AliceBergswe) gets gritty courtesy of @officialMAXR

MANSE featuring ALICE BERG, “Freeze Time” (MAXR remix)

Swedish producer/DJ Manse has such a Kool song with “Freeze Time”, featuring fellow Swede Alice Berg on vocals, that it’s already being hyped in advance of its April 13 release date through Revealed Recordings by a number of remixes.  MAXR wisely keeps his distance from the pristine, deep-down-affecting original and gives it gritty, progressive house edge instead, in what sounds like what might happen if Foxes and Martin Garrix teamed up.  There is so much innovation to be found in dance music right now and “Freeze Time” is a classic example of how an original which is so beautiful on its own can be adeptly reinterpreted while retaining its essence.  Like Dzeko & Torres and Hellberg’s recent “Care For Me”, “Freeze Time” is one song I will be playing for months ahead.  Download MAXR’s remix above but pick up the original on Beatport too.

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@iamtheElephante’s “Closer” is a rich, tantalizing club hit featuring @helloBishop

ELEPHANTE featuring BISHØP, “Closer”

The prolific Elephante continues a succession of fresh-sounding club zingers with “Closer”.  This is a particularly rich, joyous earful featuring the distinct, commanding voice of rising Portland, Oregon singer Bishøp.  You want to get couples up on the dance floor?  Just play Elephante’s “Closer” back-to-back with Tegan & Sara’s “Closer” and see what happens.  Both are equally good-natured ear candy that will generate a filled club floor and fare equally respectfully on dance music radio.  “Closer” is a natural progressive house follow-up to Elephante’s recent Top 20 Billboard Dance Club Play hit “Age Of Innocence”.  Download it for free at the link above.

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#Toronto’s @DzekoandTorres meet @Hellbergmusic for arpeggio-filled delight “Care For Me”


If you love arpeggios and high end as much as I do, then you will be swooning over “Care For Me”, a Canada-meets-Sweden collaboration of Julian Dzeko & Luis Torres and the red hot Hellberg!  It’s progressive house at its best, taking lots of cues from popular emotional EDM over the years by the likes of Hardwell, Swedish House Mafia and Avicii.  The affecting vocals and gentle melody get spiked up by a chorus and hook in a post-relationship song that just won’t let go of you.  “Care For Me” is a major contender out of the gate – the BILLCS Top 30 awaits! – and you can download it for free using the Soundcloud link above.

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Watch the dance floors fill up with “Age Of Innocence” by @iamtheElephante featuring Trouze and @DamonSharpe

ELEPHANTE featuring TROUZE and DAMON SHARPE, “Age Of Innocence” (free download)

L.A.-based producer/DJ Elephante (aka Tim Wu) is on a real roll as of late with remixes of Mako’s “Smoke-Filled Room” and Nathan Sykes’ “Over And Over Again” leading the way.  This time he pairs up with fellow L.A. producers Trouze (a duo) and Damon Sharpe (you know him best from Jennifer Lopez’s “Love Don’t Cost A Thing”, among many others!!) to make a huge-sounding song with immense positive appeal, “Age Of Innocence”.  It’s songs like these that get us through our darkest personal or societal moments, and I suppose the best comparison might be to either Zedd’s “Clarity” or “Find You”, equally feel-good songs into which you can just lose yourself.  “Age Of Innocence” (also in a spiffy Hellberg remix below) is riveting progressive house that you’ll want to hear again and again.  Good thing that – it’s a free download at the above link!  Enjoy!!

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BILLCS Top 30 #464 – August 24/15

This week’s new chart sees one of my most favourite songs of 2015 yielding to another.  Either way, both songs have a lock on the Top 2.  And strangely enough many songs stay still – probably because I can’t get enough of them, as well as the songs above them on the chart, which also explains why there is so much activity in the Top 10.  There are no bad songs ever on this chart.  Even if a song lands on the chart for one appearance at #30, I still enjoy will enjoy it evermore 🙂  So on to the new chart…

The Top 10

  • Years & Years score their second #1 with the brilliant “Shine” from the album that is currently stuck in my head, Communion.  Their September 14 Toronto show cannot come soon enough, I’m itching to hear all of what they have to offer in concert.  Watch the excellent video above.
  • Brandyn Burnette’s EP Made of Dreams is coming soon, but “I Wanna Be (Free)” is one of my most played songs right now, and has left #1 after 4 appearances (8 weeks).  It is really in an ongoing battle with “Shine” for the top.

  • “Guilty As Sin” by Dan Talevski has a lot of immediate competition to face below, but still hangs on to #3 for another chart.  I write about Dan’s new song “My Religion” the other day and the intriguing and sexy video has also landed at the top of the Music page at http://www.much.com.

  • In just about any other year, the very hot “Kiss Me Quick” by Nathan Sykes would be at the top of my chart, but currently advances 6-4.

  • Also new to the Top 5, but no surprise, is “Show Me The Way” by Penguin Prison from the sophomore album Lost In New York.  The last time PP was in the Top 5 was three years ago as featured in RAC’s “Hollywood”.
  • Francesco Yates’ debut EP, featuring production and co-writes with Pharrell Williams, is due September 11, also featuring new Canadian single “Call” and another new song “Honey I’m Home” (also below – you can get it instantly when ordering the EP on iTunes).  In the meantime, the well-served “Better To Be Loved” climbs 9-6, and Francesco also features in another song on the chart.

  • “Take Out Of Me” is a soulful slice of energetic R&B Britpop by Martin Luke Brown, and it moves up 11-8.

  • The fastest riser on the chart is the propulsive club-banging Tiesto remix of “Let You Go” by NYC’s The Chainsmokers, featuring fellow NYCers Great Good Fine OK, vaulting 22-9.  The Chainsmokers have launched a new tour which will hit Toronto on November 7, featuring many special guests.  Great Good Fine OK also debuts on this chart with one of their own songs!

  • The last new Top 10 entry belongs to L.A.-based producer Mi Disguise with his unique east side/west side story for dance clubs, “East Side Bay”, up 12-10.

Movin’ On Up

  • Slinking up the chart is “Uma Thurman” by Fall Out Boy (14-11), which is definitely a grower that will stick with you, and that riff from “The Munsters” TV show is a hoot.

  • Despite a lot of the songs in holding below, “Walking Through The Fire” by Cobi Mike climbs a notch up to #12, while his fellow former members of Gentlemen Hall also debut with their new band name.

  • It’s only a very temporary thing when you see the songs by Eric Saade, Janet, Trevor Guthrie, Molly Moore, and J-Mi & Midi-D all holding steady, but it’s also a very good thing!  We’ll see who continues to advance in two weeks.
  • Meanwhile, NERVO’s “The Other Boys” gets stuck as well, moving up 23-20, so look for their guest-filled collaboration – with Kylie Minogue, Scissor Sisters’ Jake Shears, and Nile Rodgers – to get un-stuck in two weeks.

  • Both Robin Schulz & Francesco Yates’ “Sugar” and Disclosure & Sam Smith’s “Omen” advance four positions to #23 and #24 – seems like a small start, but watch the chart in two weeks to see what might happen!


Watch for great things from these debuts in the coming weeks!

  • I’m not quite sure why Island Records hasn’t dove into this song as a single release, so perhaps it’s a matter of time.  But “Pain Told Love” is the emotional centrepiece and standout on Tribe Society’s debut EP Lucid Dreams, and has Kiesza no less on featured vocal.  The rest of the former Gentlemen Hall have a winner here and it bows at #25.  As the song’s lyrics sink in, expect to find yourself reaching for a tissue every now and then!

  • Arriving at #26 is “Something To Believe In” by Great Good Fine OK from their EP 2M2H (‘too much to handle’ – also a song on the EP).  The song also features the Brooklyn-based (but South Africa born) electronica performer St. Lucia (who is also due for a new record of his own!).  It’s a fine blend of voices and style, the key song on the EP.

  • The last debut marks the third appearance on the chart for the actress, and also singer, Jane Badler.  The original version is from last year’s album Opus (also featuring “Losing You”), but producer/DJ Eel Eye has sparkled up “Dead Eyes” with some early 90’s dance club flavour, which enhances the sinewy, mysterious lyric of the song.  “Dead Eyes” premieres at #28.

The Full Chart

Listen to the songs or watch the videos using the links on the pictures on the pretty and detailed web edition of my chart. Go on, have a look and listen/watch 🙂

You can hear me online on http://www.planetradio.ca every Monday at 10:00 pm EST counting down a Toronto Top 10 chart from yesteryear!

Get lost on the dance floor with “Sensation” by @AntonioGiacca


Italian producer/DJ by-way-of-the-U.S. Antonio Giacca landed on my chart earlier this year with the pop/dancetastic “Ignited”, which peaked at #6.  The prolific Antonio has certainly grabbed my attention with “Sensation”, which is essentially an instrumental with some soulful vocals which almost sound like they were from the 80’s Loleatta Holloway heyday.  It’s a unique, standout highly percussive-sounding track that’s accompanied by a real odd duck of a video that you’ll need to watch about three times before it makes sense, if that at all is the intention.  It reminds me in some ways of Martin Scorcese’s 80’s movie “After Hours” (one of my faves).  But I digress!  Regardless, dance club DJ’s will revel in this one and definitely anyone who’s interested in a truly modern sounding progressive house track will have a blast with it.  “Sensation” is available to buy on iTunes.

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