Live forever: @runCryWolf shines with progressive, languid electronica “Quantum Immortality”

CRYWOLF, “Quantum Immortality”

“Quantum Immortality” is the kind of song title that belongs as part of a sci-fi movie, and actually this new single by L.A.-based performer Crywolf would totally suit that artistic environment.  Drawing from influences like Crystal Castles and Flume while stylistically falling into similar musical trappings as M83, James Blake, and Porter Robinson, Crywolf (aka Justin Phillips) packs a lot of content and flair into his songs that sustain them till they finish.  “Quantum Immortality” may not be for everyone, but its theme is universal and the melody moves along a lot like classical pieces at times.  But it wouldn’t be convincing without his far-reaching vocal, which I first heard earlier this year through Bronze Whale’s remix of the heartfelt “Slow Burn” (from his recent album Cataclasm).  Crywolf has been gaining more momentum over the past few years, currently wrapping up a recent multi-city tour, and I think his profile will continue to gleam with songs like this.  “Quantum Immortality” is for late nights when you want to ponder life sitting under the stars.  Check it out at the above link.


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