“100” by L.A.-based singer/songwriter @Kaufaudio is edgy, cinematic electronica

KAUF, “100” 

A singer/songwriter who is very passionate about his craft is L.A.-based Ron Kaufman.  His songs would usually appeal to those who enjoy James Blake or Jean-Michel Jarre, with influences back to 80’s new wave and other progressive electronic artists.  The music of Kauf is highly cinematic and begs for accompanying images, but “100”, from his recent album Regrowth, is edgier and more suited for club goers.  Its pulsating melody with sharp guitar riffs and layers of synths is well-suited to Ron’s expressive voice and his songwriting, which tends to remind me a lot of Depeche Mode’s late 80’s and early 90’s heyday.  Kauf can acquit itself nicely in band format – keyboards, guitars, drums – as I witnessed again this past Friday in concert in Toronto.  Check out “100” at the link above, as well as the entire Regrowth album, available on Bandcamp right here.

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“Key To Life” is a unique floor-filler from L.A.’s @Kaufaudio

KAUF, “Key To Life”

L.A.’s Ronald Kaufman is definitely on the upward swing these days, having held a recent residency at an L.A. club which saw capacity crowds.  Shifting from more experimental cinematic sounds, Kauf’s latest is a dance-floor filler called “Key To Life”.  And that’s not to say that he’s leaving what he’s built behind for something simple.  On the contrary – “Key To Life” is beautifully complex electronica, full of percussive and slighter sounds along with a prominent bass undercurrent, drawing from influences like Björk and James Blake, but embracing a resilient groove that his audiences have appreciated in his live performances.  So here we have a vivid variation of progressive disco, continuing to be well-suited to his voice and yet more accessible at the same time.  That’s a hard place to find and be successful at it but Kauf has nailed it with this one.  “Key To Life” comes from Kauf’s forthcoming album Regrowth and I’m looking forward to hearing more.  Check it out at the link above.

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