“Hard To Love” is edgy, soulful dance music by @MatthewKoma as remixed by @Nikomakesbeats

MATTHEW KOMA, “Hard To Love” (Niko The Kid remix)

Maybe one day we will see a full Matthew Koma album or perhaps another EP, but the singer continues with single releases via RCA with “Hard To Love”, his best since 2015’s “So Fuckin’ Romantic”. Getting away from his trademark higher range which has pervaded so many club hits over the last five years by the likes of Zedd, Sebastian Ingrosso, Hardwell, and Tiësto, “Hard To Love” in some ways reminds me of his earlier songs from the 2012 EP Parachute in terms of edge and grit, but slicker production and a set of new remixes, including a funky one by Niko The Kid, make “Hard To Love” stand out.  Ever dance club-friendly, “Hard To Love” could also appeal to other worldwide markets in which Matthew has had success, including the UK, Japan and Indonesia.  Check out “Hard To Love” in its Niko The Kid remix above.

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“Come First” is breezy fun by @TerrorJrmusic as remixed by @KidFroopy

TERROR JR., “Come First” (Kid Froopy remix)

“Come First” by trio Terror Jr. as remixed by the elusive Kid Froopy is a quirky bit of breezy fun with some punchy guitar riffs that will pull at your ears and make you sway.  This is a next level official remix released by Atlantic that focuses on making “Come First” playful with a shiny, arpeggio-laden melody and a fair bit of repetition.  This may give it a bit of a short shelf like but you’ll be guaranteed to keep coming back to it.  Kid Froopy’s remix of “Come First” is definitely a fine early evening song to successfully coax folks onto the dance floor.  Check it out above and pick it up at your favourite digital store.

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“Heartbeat” by @Autografmusic gets a post-disco workout by @Cloudchord and @FrancisPreve

AUTOGRAF, “Heartbeat” (Cloudchord x Francis Preve remix) (free DL)

You never quite know what to expect when a new Cloudchord remix arrives, and this time he’s paired up with fellow Austin denizen Francis Preve, the noted wizard of synths and sounds as well as remixer of songs by Dragonette and Sander Kleinenberg, for a retooling of “Heartbeat” by Chicago trio Autograf.  In the best of worlds, all sub-sub-genres of dance music fuse and merge to become new sounds, and Cloudchord and Francis take us on a time trip where disco was evolving and a new wave of punk-inspired rock music and dance music was gelling.  Thus the remix of “Heartbeat” has numerous classic disco flourishes with late 70’s, early 80’s progressive, electronic synth sounds, which when combined with today’s technology and retro early 2000 house rhythms, vocals, and melodies doesn’t quite sound like anything else out there.  This remix of “Heartbeat” will definitely give club DJ’s pause for thought – how to make it stand out in a set with its engaging six minute length as it rightly should.  You can check out all the fuss I’m trying to say in so many words by clicking on the link above and downloading it for free 🙂

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The next phase of @Axwell /\ @Ingrosso begins with @Garmiani_’s remix of “Dream Bigger”

AXWELL /\ INGROSSO, “Dream Bigger” (Garmiani remix) (Free DL)

It couldn’t be better timing with the duo of Axwell /\ Ingrosso announcing the start of new shows with their first one to be in New York City.  Fellow Swede Garmiani launches his remix of A/\I’s 2015 track “Dream Bigger”.  If you’ve waited for one progressive slamming EDM banger to come your way during this past month, you cannot go wrong with “Dream Bigger”.  Its ultra-positive anthem to be bigger/better/best is just the kick we needed especially for those of us in colder climates.  And in its melody and power you can hear a lot of what has inspired other EDM artists since A/\I became a duo in 2014.  Let Garmiani’s remix of “Dream Bigger” lead the charge and watch the dance floors ignite as A/\I stage their next phase.  Download “Dream Bigger” for free at the link above.

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L.A.’s @Christofimusic amps up @Elohimmusic’s “Hallucinating”

ELOHIM, “Hallucinating” (Christofi remix)

Over the past year I’ve throughly enjoyed Michael Christofi’s ventures into classic deep house particularly with songs like “Don’t Need You”.  On the remix tip, he’s opted for a bright, playful sound to amp up “Hallucinating” by fellow L.A. artist Elohim, who concurrently is the vocalist on the much-praised “Love Is Alive” by Louis The Child. Christofi puts a fun, breezy 1920’s Broadway flavour into “Hallucinating”, and keeps adding elements and pace changes to keep you hanging till the very last night.  This all spells very well for club DJ’s who sometimes just need to let the song take over and conquer the crowd.  Give a listen above and download it for free.

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“Don’t Leave” by @Snakehipsuk and @MOmomoyouth in a fun @Throttle next level dance remix

SNAKEHIPS featuring MØ, “Don’t Leave” (Throttle remix)

The UK duo of Snakehips score a personal best with “Don’t Leave”, featuring an equally impressive vocal by MØ, which should soar to the top end of the pop charts soon following the UK Top 5 “All My Friends” (featuring Tinashe and Chance The Rapper) as well as their collaboration with Zayn on “Cruel”.  While the original is just gorgeous, Australia’s Throttle takes “Don’t Leave” to a fun, danceable place which complements the urgency of the vocal, transforming the ballad into a dance rave-up.  You simply cannot go wrong with this one if you are fans of both pop and dance music.  Listen above and pick up the remix at your favourite digital music store.

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Bust it: “Move” by @SaintMotel gets a funk-fueled makeover by @Jenauxmusic

SAINT MOTEL, “Move” (Jenaux remix)

I’ve been following the progress of L.A. quartet Saint Motel since 2010 and more so after seeing a set in front of a small crowd back in about 2012 at the time of their indie album Voyeur.  Now with the revised Elektra label, Saint Motel have broken through the alternative scene and continue to attract the attention of the dance crowd that has known them since the Sam Sparro remix of “Dear Dictator”.  NYC’s Jenaux provides a funk-fueled, but not overpowering, official remix of “Move” that definitely has a club setting in mind at a high point in the evening when everyone should be on the floor moving.  There’s no reason why dance music radio or clubs can’t support this one and bravo for allowing Jenaux to work his magic with it.  Give it a listen above… you can dance if you want to!

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Austin’s @Renat_music puts some twists in a future bass remix of @DVBBS & @real_CMCS “Not Going Home”

DVBBS & CMC$ featuring GIA KOKA, “Not Going Home” (Renat remix)

“Not Going Home” is perhaps one of Canadian duo DVBBS’ more straight-forward pop-dance songs in collaboration with Dutchman CMC$ and with a sultry vocal by Gia Koka.  Austin’s Renat (formerly Neevo) puts a few twists and turns in his future bass remix, which takes it to another place and may add to some fun dancing after a few drinks if you try to stay on rhythm.  There’s an accent here also on high end, which is not so present in the original, and I think club DJ’s will have fun with this one, particularly towards the end of an evening.  Check it out at the link above.

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“Waiting For You” is a new original from @LeBoeuf_music in a @officialKapre remix

LE BOEUF, “Waiting For You” (Kapre remix)

If you don’t already know him from his numerous remixes, meet Copenhagen’s Le Boeuf, aka Nicholas Søbye, with his original release “Waiting For You”.  The song probably leans more towards pop than dance even in its remix by London, Ontario’s Kapre.  Even after the remix kind of starts over after the 1:30 mark or so, Kapre builds on that break through the urgency of the excellent, rich and soulful vocal.  Clubs not looking to get all hard and heavy with bigger deep house beats will appreciate this remix of “Waiting For You” and all of its positive energy.  You can get it for free at the link above.

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Sweet pop-flavoured deep house “Thunder” in a @Snowmassbeats remix from @MilknCooks & @TWINNSofficial featuring @LyonHartmusic

MILK N COOKS x TWINNS featuring LYON HART, “Thunder” (Snøwmass remix) (free DL)

“Thunder” by Chicago’s Milk N Cooks with Twinns featuring vocalist Lyon Hart (who you heard in Elephante’s compelling “Shake The Earth”) gets a slinky bass synth makeover from fellow Chicago producer Snøwmass.  But while that rhythm will definitely get you hooked on this one, this remix has tremendous pop flavour and crossover potential.  Lyon Hart’s prominent vocal is what really sends it home.  Snøwmass shows that he’s not always about crazy futuristic dirty remixing when he can accentuate the pop but also retain the solid deep house club vibes.  “Thunder” is a standout track for so many reasons which you can hear at the link above – and download for free.

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