Enjoy @weInstantKarma’s lazy, romantic remix of @Florsounds’ “Unsaid”

FLOR, “Unsaid” (Instant Karma remix)

New electronic duo Instant Karma have made some interesting choices recent months, including a sunny remix of Brandyn Burnette’s “I Wanna Be (Free)”.  With Flor’s “Unsaid”, they keep their mix of this beautiful song by the up and coming British singer at a lazy pace which brings to mind some casual romance at the beach on a beautiful day.  It has great flavour if you want to bring down the dance mix sloooowwwly but steady.  It would fit nicely next to mixes of songs by Jessie Ware, Banks, and others on the alt.pop tip.  Expect more lovely surprises from this pair again soon!

@TwoFriendsmusic deep future pop remix of @Shaun_Frank & @KSHMRmusic’s “Heaven” feat. @iamDelaneyJane

SHAUN FRANK & KSHMR featuring DELANEY JANE, “Heaven” (Two Friends remix)

Dance music has a community where everyone pitches in to help each other out and some great collaborative efforts are made as a result.  So here we have a bunch of rising dance/EDM stars, L.A. remixers Two Friends tackling my fellow Torontonian Shaun Frank’s pairing with L.A.’s KSHMR’s “Heaven”, featuring another Toronto native Delaney Jane on vocals, one of Spinnin’ Records’ latest and greatest.  Two Friends trade in the buoyant house rhythms of the original for a pop-flavoured progressive deep future remix redolent with guitars which brings out the glorious nature of the song.  It also accentuates every positive in Delaney Jane’s stunning vocal.  This reminds me of where Zedd and Avicii were headed a few years ago.  Good things can only come of this collaboration and I expect clubs to put it on free-flowing blast.

@Jamie___xx’s “Loud Places” as remixed by @Cloudchord becomes a tropical deep house anthem


JAMIE xx featuring ROMY, “Loud Places” (Cloudchord remix)

It’s almost a year old and did very well in alt.pop and EDM circles last summer, but Jamie xx’s “Loud Places” gets a rollicking reboot courtesy of Austin TX producer/DJ/guitarist Cloudchord (aka Derek Van Scoten).  It’s transformed into a driving disco tropical house track full of additional instrumentation which helps stand it apart from other remixes.  Vocals by Romy so very much suit this reworked setting.  In a dance club, the first two minutes of “Loud Places” will create a perfect lead out of a soft set and into a set of club bangers.  It may go on a little long at 5 minutes plus, but don’t be surprised if Cloudchord’s remix of “Loud Places” sneaks up on you when you’re clubbing or listening online to dance music radio.  

A sparkling @TheRealEelEye remix makes “Dead Eyes” by @JaneBadler club ready!

JANE BADLER, “Dead Eyes” (Eel Eye club mix)

It started off as a haunting, deliberately paced song from Jane Badler’s recent album Opus.  The singer, who of course is also the internationally known TV and movie star, has once again joined forces with Ninthwave Records for the Eel Eye club mix of “Dead Eyes”.  The remix takes none of the mystery away from the original and manages to enhance it for not only your personal late night dance club party but an electric nightclub experience.  So club DJ’s should make room on the dancefloor for “Dead Eyes” and allow Jane’s vocals to captivate club goers (like last year’s “Losing You”) in a remix that really helps the song ignite.  Listen to the previews above and pick up the “Dead Eyes” EP (which also includes the album and demo versions) on iTunes.

Retrotastic: “Classic” (@RAC remix) by @TheKnocks featuring Powers


THE KNOCKS featuring POWERS, “Classic” (RAC remix)

It’s the end-of-summer song that could still be an uncharacteristic hit.  And it’s esteemed DJ/producer RAC who has taken “Classic” by fellow dance music makers The Knocks (featuring duo Powers) to another level.  He strips away the song’s original funky edge in favour of a 70’s vibe whose piano riff screams Andrea True Connection.  The song’s easy going and jaunty melody make it a natural for the dance floor.  I loved The Knocks’ take on “Midnight City” (featuring vocalist Mandy Lee) so this collaboration with Powers goes down sooo smoothly.