Graham Alexander @Grahamsmusic launches new video for “Repeat Deceiver”

GRAHAM ALEXANDER, “Repeat Deceiver”

One of the best rock ‘n roll surprises I found out about last year was the Repeat Deceiver album by NYC’s Graham Alexander.  A key track on that album “She’s A Chameleon”, found its way to #5 on the BILLCS Top 30 and was on repeat on my own playlists for the better part of the year.  And with such a keen reverence to 60’s and 70’s rock, I later learned that Graham had in fact played Paul McCartney in a few Beatles productions on Broadway.  No matter that I think vocally he here sounds more like John Lennon or George Harrison at times… the new video for “Repeat Deceiver” will continue to attract new fans to Graham’s fun approach to a modern version of that classic rock sound.  The video gives him much more to do on camera this time than in the past, and I like the studio shots of the band, which remind me of an old-style American Bandstand kind of set.  Watch the video above and pick up the Repeat Deceiver album on iTunes.

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Push Play, Then Repeat: The New Album by GrahamAlexander (@Grahamsmusic) “Repeat Deceiver”


2015 kicks off with a big rocking bang with the latest release from New Jersey rocker Graham Alexander. Repeat Deceiver is one of the finest blues and R&B soaked rock records I’ve heard in ages! It basically never lets up, drawing on influences and sounds that recall the best of The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Queen, Foreigner, and the Black Crowes. It’s a great record whose songs would sound great in a full nightclub or a bigger venue where the power of Graham’s voice would soar. Despite recalling such major influences, the songs all take on lives of their own thanks to the tight musicianship (including strings!) that supports Graham’s passionate singing. I’ve already written about the bluesy rock rave up that is “She’s A Chameleon”, a great introduction to Graham’s talents. Those Beatles comparisons show up in “Games”; the Queen powerhouse kind of sound in the amusing “An American Au Pair in Paris”; and a driven Lou Gramm-ish vocal in “Romeo Blue”. Catchy does not begin to describe potential other singles like “Total Cartography” and “People Are Only Sorry When They’re Caught”. The songs in Repeat Deceiver draw you in and will send you out to see Graham sing them in concert. Take a gander at the new video for the Motown-flavoured “Third Wheel” above and pick up Repeat Deceiver on iTunes.

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