Australian producers @Feenixpawl make for a wondrous pairing with NYC’s @RicoandMiella in “Play With Fire”


After offering up trancey vibes with MarLo recently in “Lighter Than Air”, veteran Australian duo and Grammy nominees Feenixpawl take on progressive house with “Play With Fire” which features the always listenable team of NYC’s Rico & Miella.  In some ways the sound is kind of a throwback to about 2013-14 when Zedd emerged with “Clarity” and “Spectrum”.  It goes pretty big and stays there but Miella’s voice does not get lost in the song.  Rather, you wait and be intrigued by what is a romantic story.  After other well-done collaborations and some worthy original releases a few years back that I wrote about, Rico & Miella fit perfectly into Feenixpawl’s plan, and “Play With Fire” is a vibrant centrepiece that should work well in clubs and at festivals. 

“Under My Sheets” is about getting it right the second time from @JoeyDalemusic x @RicoandMiella

JOEY DALE x RICO & MIELLA, “Under My Sheets” (free DL)

A lot of times, when we hear a song we like in a club, we’ll get on the dance floor to break out a few moves and get close, but we don’t often listen to what the song is about.  “Under My Sheets” is a fab collab with Dutch producer Joey Dale and NYC duo Rico & Miella.  It’s a pop ballad disguised as a dance song about getting it right the second time – so the first time with getting intimate and/or sexual with someone didn’t go too well.  Or maybe it’s something happening in a solid relationship.  Nonetheless it’s important that there is always a next time when you truly love someone because as much as there is fun and intimacy in bed, there is more to that if you want a relationship to endure. And while I do appreciate the message, the vocals really pull it through and the summery melody with all that great synth work is magnetic.  “Under My Sheets” is one of those rare well-defined songs to which you can compare your own notes.  And just like that, you can get it for free too by downloading it at the link above 🙂

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Go for it: @Rico&Miella team up with @TELYKast for “Worth Fighting For”

RICO & MIELLA x TELYKast, “Worth Fighting For”

The two rising pairs of performers/DJs/producers that are NYC’s Rico & Miella and L.A.’s TELYKast make an auspicious team with “Worth Fighting For”.  The song is definitely a grower and may take a few listens for it all to soak in.  Basically it’s about going for something that you want badly enough that you’ll defend it till the end.  The vocal interplay is appealing, and a wall of melodic high-powered synths create a memorable drop that will keep you coming back.  Yeah this one is downtempo, but quality and creativity here is everything.  “Worth Fighting For” goes by fairly quickly at just under 3 minutes and comes recommended!

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