The dynamic duo of @SanHolobeats and @TaskaBlack makes dreamy electropop with “Right Here, Right Now”

SAN HOLO featuring TASKA BLACK, “Right Here, Right Now”

It was inevitable that festival fave San Holo and Belgian producer Taska Black would pair up, but would you have ever expected it to be in dreamy electropop like “Right Here, Right Now”?  It’s the Dutchman’s EDM ballad-anthem for remembering to be always in the moment with your special someone.  But it’s not all synth wonderfulness – there’s also some fine guitar work within.  Cap it off with spry and convincing San vocals, and while it may not have intended to be a dance radio-ready tune, “Right Here, Right Now” could easily find itself there as a lead-in to the brighter, fun part of the year.  Another brilliant Bitbird pairing of San Holo and Taska Black would be more than welcome!  Watch the lyric video above.

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Another Canadian to watch: @Fambamusic nails classic house with a twist with “Right Here Right Now”

FAMBA, “Right Here Right Now” (extended version)

The folks at Armada have brought us some great new talent this year, and one is under my own Canadian doorstep, although in Halifax.  Famba’s extended version of “Right Here Right Now” is a real treat that club DJ’s should immediately embrace.  It’s definitely rooted in 90’s and early 2000’s house music but if any influence might be prominent it’s Armand Van Helden.  The groove in “Right Here” kicks in early but it’s got these cool spoken word passages that will really draw people in.  And not only this, but the extended version sustains its 7 minute + length, allowing DJ’s to watch the fun that unfolds in front of them.  Famba’s “Right Here Right Now” is one of those finds you’ll want to put on repeat as hear more from what the young producer/DJ has coming up.  Give a solid listen at the link above.

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@GiorgioMoroder. @KylieMinogue. Right Here. Right Now.


GIORGIO MORODER featuring KYLIE MINOGUE, “Right Here Right Now”

The ever-amazing Giorgio Moroder teased us late last year with the title instrumental song from his upcoming album 74 Is The New 24.  And after having appeared at many dance/EDM events last year, he’s following up his work on the Grammy Award-winning Daft Punk album Random Access Memories with more collaborations, which are rumoured to include Britney Spears, Sia, Mikky Ekko, Foxes, and others.  Last week, his pairing with Kylie Minogue on “Right Here Right Now” surfaced and you can hear it right here on  Like Daft Punk’s chart takeover in 2013 with “Get Lucky”, I would not underestimate Giorgio’s collaborations as they will bring a whole new dimension to the dance/pop played on the radio largely in the David Guetta and Calvin Harris molds.  “Right Here Right Now” brings a trademark Giorgio Moroder disco sound full circle, and how he produces Kylie’s voice on this song is like nothing you’ve ever heard from the singer.  I think the song gets a little too busy with effects competing with Kylie’s voice at times, but in its memorable chorus the song just soars.  74 Is The New 24 will be a must-hear for pop music fans.