New L.A. dance music producer @iamLyLoh takes command with potent “Riot!”

LyLOH, “Riot!”

He’s apparently been part of many platinum-selling releases and won a Grammy in 2017 (though not sure for what), and now L.A.-based producer LyLoh is about to take command of the dance music scene if potent tracks like “Riot!” are any indication.  This new mystery man is originally from France and was part of the metal scene, so his description on Facebook may be apt: Rock, EDM, metal and pop had a bastard son. It me (sic).  “Riot!” is one crunchy, memorable rock-flavoured dance bop picked up for release by Armada no less, a little harder edged than usual for clubs or radio, softened a bit by the use of a familiar-sounding pitched-up vocal.  But dance music needs to be spun off the rails sometimes and it looks like someone like LyLoh will have a lot of fun keeping our interest doing just that.

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Diverse Pop Scores on “Time” by @MikkyEkko



It’s been a long time coming for the 30 year-old singer/songwriter who came to our attention after co-writing and playing on Rihanna’s “Stay”, but Time is here to stay!  It’s a formidable debut for the Louisiana-born singer and sets the bar pretty high early on in the year for other solo male singers.  I got thoroughly wrapped up in the lead-off single “Smile”, which placed at #7 on my year end list for 2014.  There are several possible follow-ups here, and there are a couple of ‘audio timelapse’ videos for both “U” and the ferocious “Riot” (both below), one of my favourites.  Why do I visualize a huge choreographed video for this one? 🙂 No one song sounds like another, and you’ll even hear an R&B-styled vocal on “U” that is quite different from the one he provided on last year’s “Stranger” by Chris Malinchak.  It’s all beautiful lyrical pop, with “Riot” about the most atypical of the songs.  Others to check out include the commanding, prophetic opener “Watch Me Rise”, “Loner” (the vocal here reminds me of Ryan Tedder), “Pull Me Down”, and “Burning Doves”, another melodic song with a great story attached.  I’m hoping Mikky will do his own club tour this year after opening for Alt-J for several dates last year.  His “Time” has come and it will serve him (and us) very well indeed.

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Get Dancing with @SVEmusic’s “Riot” (video)

SVE, “Riot” (video)

What better way to promote the immense talents of New York-based singer SVE than to dance up a “Riot”?  I brought this second release to your attention about a month ago, and now we have a slick and well-choreographed video which beautifully gets across the energy and attitude of the song.  If SVE’s voice hasn’t turned enough heads by now then the eye-catching visuals of the video will show she is a force waiting to happen.  Don’t forget to pick up “Riot” on iTunes.

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More Dazzling New Music From @SVEmusic with “Riot”


SVE, “Riot”

“Riot” is a complete change of pace from SVE’s previous single, the powerful and languid dark ballad “Talking To The Walls” (which reached #18 on my personal chart earlier in the year).  This talented NYC-based singer shows here that she can compete with women on the commercial pop spectrum such as Sia, Kesha and Katy Perry!  Beautifully produced, it zeroes in on how strong SVE’s natural and high-ranging can sound in an EDM-flavoured uptempo setting while incorporating many melodic changes to shake up the mix and keep you listening.  It’s not going to take long for the music world to recognize that SVE should be heading places.  Oh, and I hope a dance mix might be forthcoming! 🙂

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