England’s @TheWanted return with pure pop confection “Rule The World”

THE WANTED, “Rule The World”

I was pleased to see that The Wanted recently reunited to release a compilation album of their biggest songs called Most Wanted: The Greatest Hits and perform some shows in England.  That album includes their new single “Rule The World”, which is an enjoyable pop confection that shouldn’t be swept under the radar, so easily done when so many big things happen every week in the music industry. “Rule The World” could easily have been a hit for Max, Tom, Nathan, Siva, and Jay back in their 2012-13 heyday, co-written by Max, as well as Lauv and others. But having a great song these days doesn’t always seem to be enough, so that’s why I promote discovery through my blog as being quite important for songs that might miss out.  While “Rule The World” has already been endeared to The Wanted’s many fans, pop music lovers in general will find the harmonies in addition to the fine songwriting to be a major treat.

Australia-based producer #Latchmere returns with the many moods of his new dance EP “Rule The World”

LATCHMERE, Rule The World (EP)

It was just about two years ago that UK-born, Australia-based producer Latchmere dropped the very fine but overlooked EP “Lovedrunk”, which contained a couple of positively amazing house tracks in “Need Your Heart” – a #1 house zinger on my chart – and “Monster”.  Latchmere – aka Shaun Galvin – took a sidestep after Lovedrunk to record under another name (which I shan’t reveal but I wrote about this alias, too) to showcase his indie singer/songwriter side, sometimes quite successfully. 

With Latchmere’s return back to electronic music, Rule The World is an intriguing if moody set of songs that don’t propose to fit into any dance sub-genres easily.  Opener “You Were Right” is a tight blend of pop and house that focuses on when you’re wrong about something but can’t do anything about it – except maybe dance the night away.  “I Was Wrong” is a sullen-sounding instrumental ‘answer’ to “You Were Right” that veers towards the progressive side of electronica.  “Fired Up” is a Latin flavoured groovin’ fiesta of deep house.  But it’s the title song that is perhaps the most accessible, featuring a heartfelt, sparse-sounding vocal that goes a cappella to draw you into its chorus: “What does it take to rule the world around you?”  “Rule The World” has a lovely, gentle mid-section which Latchmere lets simmer until the chorus arrives again.  I might be wrong but I think Latchmere used his own vocals on this EP unlike the previous one, and quite successfully too.   

Rule The World shares the pains of the head and the heart, and fuses them all together with synths and beats for the good of body and soul.