“Better Anyway” partners @Borgeousmusic with vocalist @Runagroundmusic for a genuine feel-good anthem

BORGEOUS and RUNAGROUND, “Better Anyway”

Pair up a fine, consistent vocalist in Runaground (aka Andy Kirk) and world-famous producer/DJ Borgeous and you have a winner in “Better Anyway”.  The song grabs you instantly with its hook and draws you in with its genuine feel-good, anthemic qualities and endless positivity.  Following “Famous” from earlier this year, Borgeous should make himself a presence again at dance radio with “Better Anyway”.  And you’ll recall Runaground from a few years back with “Chase You Down”, a pop/dance release for Robbins Entertainment.  “Better Anyway” is one of the better releases of late – it just works, making it an easy sell to even the most casual music fans.

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Unassuming “Chase You Down” by @Runagroundmusic will make you a fan

RUNAGROUND, “Chase You Down”

Runaground is a one-man band named Andy Kirk from L.A., and “Chase You Down” is one of those easy-going songs that you want to play while you’re driving into a pretty sunset.  Andy’s voice compares to singers like Ryan Cabrera or Howie Day, guys who can write a song and make it a shared personal experience.  “Chase You Down” is also a great companion piece to the similarly titled 90’s hit “Follow You Down” by Gin Blossoms, but of course mixed in with Andy’s pop setting with a rhythm perfectly suited for the dance floor.  Remixers will want to see what they can do with such a diverse and unassuming song.  It’s another pop/dance music hybrid score for Robbins Entertainment after last year’s “Over” by Goldhouse.  Watch the video for “Chase You Down” above and pick up the EP on iTunes.

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