“Line”, Latvia’s Eurovision entry by @TrianaPark receives a saxxy transformation by @Stan_Sax

TRIANA PARK, “Line” (Stan Sax remix) (free DL)

Germany’s Stan Sax is no stranger to these pages or my personal chart, having one of my favourite songs of the year with “Brothers” as part of duo Saxity, and adding trademark sax work to broaden the appeal of last year’s bubbly but inauspicious “Vague” by Fabian Luttenberger.  “Line” was this year’s Latvian entry for the Eurovision contest by the quartet Triana Park and regrettably this radio-friendly tune, a Top 10 hit in Latvia, didn’t move on to the upcoming finals.  But Mr. Sax has turned “Line” a bit inside-out and sideways, anchoring the song in a slower rhythm which gives it a more alt.rock vibe.  And of course there’s lots and lots of sax, and the melody and rhythm become a much more free-flowing jam session, making it quite the surprise by the end.  I often say that fine songs can receive some drastic but creative transformations and Stan Sax has a winner with “Line”, which you can download for free at the link above.

Fun, fun, fun: @iamPeterSax with “Sun Dance”

PETER SAX, “Sun Dance”

“Sun Dance” is a great song for summer or that winter vacation to a hotter place.  It’s all about the good times outdoors when the music is up loud and we have Austria’s Peter Sax to blast his saxophone to be heard miles away.  The video is perfectly suited to the festive nature of the song, which seems to draw a lot from Caribbean-tinged songs from about 10 years ago.  But with tropical EDM flavours being enjoyed worldwide there’s no reason for Peter Sax’s “Sun Dance” to be overlooked.  Hunt down the extended version for an even better time 🙂

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