Meet Finland’s Lalalow with a dreamy song written with introverts in mind called “Sensory Deprivation”

LALALOW, “Sensory Deprivation”

With a title like “Sensory Deprivation”, you might expect some heady, minimalist, experimental electronic work that might just go right over your head.  Instead, meet the Finnish duo Lalalow (vocalist/keyboardist Nina Jackson and guitarist/bassist Tommi Laivamaa) who have put a lot of thought into creating a brief dreamscape with introverts in mind with “Sensory Deprivation”.  This is not to say that everyone can’t find something to enjoy about the song. The worthy idea here is that introverts (like yours truly) enjoy their time with themselves and do a lot of creative thinking, so why not channel that into a mellow, surreal escape, with Nina’s voice sounding like a cousin of Jessie Ware over lovely instrumentation full of subtleties.  At only 2:54, the song is over sooner than you are aware, making it well worth repeating.  So in the end, don’t think, just sit back, relax, and imagine…

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