Crank That: “Bring It To Me” is a worthy summer house anthem from @Shaanmusic with @NinoLucarelli in a @iamKaaze mix

SHAAN and NINO LUCARELLI, “Bring It To Me” (Kaaze mix)

It hasn’t really happened in a few years, but there are some songs in a lineup to garner your attention as Summer Dance Anthems, and one of these comes from India’s Shaan with “Bring It To Me” as sung by American vocalist Nino Lucarelli in a Kaaze mix. The song was debuted by Hardwell as the theme to his charity show “World’s Biggest Guestlist”, and it’s hard not to wonder why.  The song builds beautifully and doesn’t launch into its full set of lyrics until after the 2 minute mark.  Not many records can do that, but Shaan knows how to create momentum and undivided attention.  By the time Nino’s compelling voice begins, you are immersed in “Bring It To Me”.  There’s a lot to be said for Kaaze’s mix which beautifully captures the intensity of the song.  So yes, like many other performers, Shaan is looking back to the golden years of EDM earlier in this decade and putting his spin on it to tantalize his many fans.  “Bring It To Me” is an epic anthem that will stand with the best of them in time.

UK singer @HRVY is back with “Personal” in an uplifting remix by @Shaanmusic

HRVY, “Personal” (Shaan remix)

It’s been a while since UK singer Harvey Cantwell graced these blog pages with “Thank You”, whose blog post racked up hundreds of views at the time.  At 15, he was kind of poised to blossom into a Justin Bieber-esque talent which never really materialized, but Universal kept him on 🙂  Now, he’s back as HRVY with “Personal”, an anthemic pop bop that could go over well in clubs thanks to a sparkling remix by NYC-based producer Shaan, about whose other songs (such as the rollicking “End of the World”) you’ve read about recently here as well.  The remix is rich and uplifting, and draws from the song’s energetic chorus to make the song really bounce.  HRVY has a much fresher sound now that doesn’t really compare to what others his age are releasing, and thus may have found a gap for radio stations to tap into.  

Infinite love awaits at the “End of the World” by @Shaanmusic featuring #AllanEshuijs

SHAAN featuring ALLAN ESHUIJS, “End Of The World”

We can party like it’s 2012 again with glorious arpeggios spearheading an uplifting message in “End Of The World” by Mumbai’s noted producer/DJ Shaan, featuring a powerful vocal by Dutch singer Allan Eshuijs.  Now only 22, Shaan returns after becoming India’s only producer/DJ to play the Tomorrowland festival a couple of years back,  and has been playing numerous other festivals in south Asia throughout December.  “End Of The World” couldn’t be any more triumphant.  It’s the perfect foil for Britney Spears’ “Till The World Ends” and should be played immediately after when the New Year tolls in a few days.   “End Of The World” is brought to you once again by Armada, and is already receiving support by The Chainsmokers, Steve Aoki, and Tritonal but to name a few.  I know so many people miss the dance sounds of the first part of this decade, so let’s start a revival, right?  Don’t miss “End of the World” for your club sets and Spotify playlists at the link above.