“Hello My Loneliness” is radio-friendly slick pop dance from the unexpected dynamic pairing of @iamDelaneyJane and @CallMeKarizma

DELANEY JANE and CALL ME KARIZMA, “Hello My Loneliness”

Canadian singer Delaney Jane has built her reputation over the past few years as one of dance music’s most recognizable vocalists, scoring a few recent radio hits such as “La La Land” and “Throwback” in Canada in the process.  This time she’s paired with Minnesota pop/rap performer Call Me Karizma for the unexpected pleasure of “Hello My Loneliness”.  When I first saw the co-billing I wasn’t sure if it would work.  I suppose the song has been taken to greater heights because both performers are co-writers along with noted producer Shaun Frank (The Chainsmokers), who has also had a great impact with Delaney Jane’s pop-charting hits as producer and co-performer along with his own hits like the recent “Tokyo Nights”.  While Call Me Karizma has a deeply committed fan base who enjoy his harder-core emotional hip  hop, he easily slides into more pop-friendly territory that recalls his own “Life Of The Party” release from last year.  “Hello My Loneliness” is instantly appealing pop/dance that will sound great on the radio this Fall.

L.A.’s @Mahalo_music puts an unexpectedly splendid spin on “La La Land” by @DVBBS @Shaun_Frank and @iamDelaneyJane

DVBBS & SHAUN FRANK featuring DELANEY JANE, “La La Land” (Mahalo remix) (free DL)

The song has been out for many months, but what could prompt me NOW to listen to and write about “La La Land” by my fellow Canucks DVBBS, Shaun Frank and Delaney Jane?  Why an inventive remix like no other, that’s what!  I can’t say I was keen on the laid back original mix of “La La Land”, but L.A.’s Mahalo’s rich deep house remix is quite impressive.  It brings out the darker nighttime side of L.A. to replace the sunny days and beaches that you have in your head.  The chugging rhythm plays on the relentlessness of a big city, and Delaney Jane’s vocal so suits the mix in a more forlorn, distant way than in the original.  It may not have been what the performers have in mind but my overall reaction by the end of it all is for dance clubs to dive deep into it.  Folks who know the original will appreciate this alternate version, and it will plug into sets where the original previously did not fit.  Congrats to Mahalo for deservedly creating another side of “La La Land” that is getting great reaction.  And you can download it for free at the above link.

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@Spirixmusic weaves his progressive spell over “La La Land” by @DVBBS & @Shaun_Frank featuring @iamDelaneyJane

DVBBS & SHAUN FRANK featuring DELANEY JANE, “La La Land” (Spirix remix)

Newly based in L.A., teen producer/remixer/performer Spirix continues to cast an inventive, progressive spell over some recent dance music songs, two of which are currently on my personal chart (#1 his co-remix of Brandon Skeie’s “So Bad”; #14 his collaboration with LZRD on the original “Take Me Apart”).  Here he shakes up the latest from my Canadian EDM contingent – the DVBBS lads, Shaun Frank and vocalist Delaney Jane, “La La Land”.  Quite honestly, it doesn’t sound much like the original, and though I know many EDM fans already love the original, I think Spirix’s approach improves on it.  He keeps the aggressive pace already well-established for DVBBS front and centre in his remix as well as the carefree melody which is attractive about the original.  Yeah for some it may be too busy and I think Delaney Jane’s voice perhaps is over-transformed, but you can’t deny the kind of reaction this remix will make in a packed club.  Download it for free above and see why! 🙂

@TwoFriendsmusic deep future pop remix of @Shaun_Frank & @KSHMRmusic’s “Heaven” feat. @iamDelaneyJane

SHAUN FRANK & KSHMR featuring DELANEY JANE, “Heaven” (Two Friends remix)

Dance music has a community where everyone pitches in to help each other out and some great collaborative efforts are made as a result.  So here we have a bunch of rising dance/EDM stars, L.A. remixers Two Friends tackling my fellow Torontonian Shaun Frank’s pairing with L.A.’s KSHMR’s “Heaven”, featuring another Toronto native Delaney Jane on vocals, one of Spinnin’ Records’ latest and greatest.  Two Friends trade in the buoyant house rhythms of the original for a pop-flavoured progressive deep future remix redolent with guitars which brings out the glorious nature of the song.  It also accentuates every positive in Delaney Jane’s stunning vocal.  This reminds me of where Zedd and Avicii were headed a few years ago.  Good things can only come of this collaboration and I expect clubs to put it on free-flowing blast.

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