“Earned It” cover choices: @Simmsofficial and @CodyKarey

SIMMS, “Earned It”

CODY KAREY with MAJESTY, “Earned It”

There are so many viral versions out there and The Weeknd’s “Earned It” (currently #21 on my personal chart) is attracting countless interpreters.  Two solid ones have come my way recently and they’re both well done and different enough to warrant your attention.  You have to keep in mind that this is one tough song!!

British singer Simms (about whom I’ve written previously as Jake Sims) tackles his rendition from a pop/UK soul standpoint and his vocal is strong throughout.  He also goes for a more emotional rendition.  Occasionally I think the vocal is somewhat over-the-top, but overall it hits the marks and should garner him some new fans.

Canadian singer (and current Master Chef competitor!) Cody Karey goes more for a sultry crooner rendition in his video for the song, in collaboration with pop producers Majesty.  It downplays the emotion which detracts somewhat from the sexual desperation of the song.  His rendition is still quite a low key and sexy one nonetheless and highlights the versatility in his voice.

Be sure when listening/watching to keep an open mind – I know The Weeknd has rabid fans who may not care for these covers, but both singers have made fine and challenging choices in presenting “Earned It”. 🙂

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