Sweden’s @weareBrohug throws it down dirty with “Sinner”

BROHUG, “Sinner”

Keeping their trademark brohouse style intact, Swedish bros Brohug are back with the heavy-hitting future bass of “Sinner”.  It’s an aggressive, dirty house track that recalls the style of 80’s progressive acts like Britain’s Cabaret Voltaire while also reveling in more contemporary rhythms similar to  American counterparts such as The Knocks.  With one of its refrains being “back the fuck up”, it’s hard not to visualize “Sinner” going down well with club DJ’s who will use the suggestive antics of the song to crank up their audiences.  Overall Brohug’s “Sinner” is in-your-face fun, and you can add it to your playlist of Dirty House Hits using the Spotify link above.

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“Sinner” is a winner from The Netherlands’ @Lulleauxmusic featuring #SVM

LULLEAUX featuring SVM, “Sinner”

Hot off the presses as Tipsy Records’ first release of 2017 is “Sinner” by Dutch producer Lulleaux.  You may have already heard Lulleaux gracing a Sam Feldt EP and also being supported by the likes of Kygo and Bakerman, while recently offering some of his own songs via the Epic label.  “Sinner” is a great companion song to “Closer” or “Paris” by The Chainsmokers, with a wistful, relateable vocal by SVM.  But it’s the use of trumpet throughout and starting just before the minute mark that seals the deal with “Sinner”.  The trumpet is much underutilized in pop music in favour of saxophone, and the recent hit that you’ll associate it with is Capital Cities’ “Safe And Sound”, another one you’ll want to play back-to-back with it.  “Sinner” is a very promising, effortless, and diverse deep house song that clubs won’t want to miss out.

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