“Small Talk” by new L.A.-based trio #GIIANTS is massive pop waiting to happen

GIIANTS, “Small Talk”

December brings us one of the finest songs you’ll hear going into 2018 in any genre.  It’s “Small Talk” by new L.A. production/songwriting trio GIIANTS for Tipsy Records.  “Small Talk” is the kind of song that makes songwriting sound easy when actually writing something so breathtakingly simple is in fact so hard.  Anyone who has often gone to a party and finds themselves standing and talking to no one for what might seem like a long time to others knows the feeling of being unable to make small talk, usually because it’s not interesting or doesn’t come naturally.  The lyrics capture this sentiment beautifully.  Another reason why “Small Talk” sounds like a hit out of the box is that the trio of GIIANTS have loads of experience as producers, songwriters, remixers, and singers in previous projects.  In time who they will be unveiled – if you want to try to put pieces together head over to their new Facebook page – but I will say that I’ve written about some of the trio over many years of these blog pages.  GIIANTS is a much more straight ahead pop project surrounded by finely honed synth work.  There is more coming with different vocal mixes amid variations of irresistible danceable pop.  GIIANTS are ones to listen for and who could ask for a better start than “Small Talk”.  You’ll want to playlist it immediately using the Spotify link above.

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