Some fresh lyrical pop/dance from new producer @atSmilemusic with “Good About Us” featuring singer Philip Strand

SMILE and PHILIP STRAND, “Good About Us”

I don’t know anything about new producer Smile or singer Philip Strand who’ve created the single “Good About Us” but it’s a solid, fresh pop/dance release with a lot of sparkle that easily passes the blind taste test!  Philip has an earthy gravel to his voice which gives a genuine sound to “Good About Us”, while the synths pop and glisten and win you over.  Ever seeking top quality releases, Tipsy Records is passionately behind this one, and a fine, positive song like this will win us over every time.  There’s loads of pop potential here so don’t miss it.

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Hypnotic electro alt.rock of “Smile” by Norway’s @Dyriskmusic featuring @Nik_Ernst is a new favourite

DYRISK featuring NIK ERNST, “Smile”

2018 looks to be a year where boundaries of electronic dance and EDM are being pushed out of their comfort zones.  Norway’s Dyrisk is back with something new, and you won’t expect the alt.rock flavour of “Smile”, which he concocted with British producer Nik Ernst.  All of a sudden it’s a big rush back to the early 90’s when Massive Attack and Radiohead were breaking out while Nirvana and Soundgarden dominated the rock market and dance music was more about Madonna, Michael, Whitney, and maybe C+C Music Factory too.  Full of sarcastic lyrics calling out posers, “Smile” moves deliberately through its lilting rhythm and subtle electronics while incorporating crisp percussion sounds and zithery synths.  “Smile” is such an uncharacteristic shift for Dyrisk, and it works so well, that it can make you do nothing but smile.  Check it out at the link above and be sure to pick it up at your favourite digital music store.

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It’s Time for @MikkyEkko with “Smile”


Only recently with his Michael Jackson throwback vocal on Chris Malinchak’s funky and fabulous “Stranger” (currently #14 on my chart) has Mikky Ekko been positioned better for more success, after breaking through on Rihanna’s “Stay” (which he co-wrote) almost two years ago.  His album Time is on deck this Fall, and “Smile” is the new, vibrant single that should be his solo breakthrough.  Not too far off the mark musically or vocally than previous single “Kids”, “Smile” is all about making first impressions no matter what the scenario – it always goes a long way.  It can not only lift you up but also the people around you.  And while the message of the song is also to live each moment until the end, living in the moment also goes a long way for self-esteem, pride, and ultimately love and affection.  Time should be on your must-listen list, and it looks like Mikky will be on a short tour (including Toronto, my city 🙂 ) in November and December.  Mikky Ekko has a diverse voice which makes him the chameleon go-to guy when you want something a little different but full of meaning and promise.  You can buy “Smile” on iTunes.

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