#BILLCSTop30 #583, March 16/20

In difficult times, music is a distraction that we should never take for granted.  It gets us through the best and the worst of times.  So I’m pleased to bring you the new chart, which underwent several changes up to last night, including a few eye-popping moves!

But nothing was going to change the Top 2 songs which hold tightly, at least for two more weeks.  Harry Styles’ jaunty and thoughtful “Adore You” (above) gets a second appearance at #1, while former #1 “Flames” by R3HAB, Zayn and Jungleboi remains solidly right behind it.

Young Bombs’ smash Canadian radio hit and North American dance hit “Better Day”, featuring the golden tones of Aloe Blacc, moves up 6-3.  Could it be on top in two weeks?

It’s a BIIIG 12-4 move for “Backfire” by Italy’s Deep Chills with L.A.’s Not Famous offering the highly listenable, showcased vocal.  Like “Better Day”, it’s definitely a contender for the top, but, since the chart is drenched with movement, it’s not the only one…

Arty has a big week, receiving his second Top 10 hit on this chart, following 2018’s #3 “Tim”, with the Sultan + Shepard ‘echoes of life’ remix of “Daydreams” (13-8, above) featuring a Ryan Tedder-ish vocal by Cimo Fränkel.  Not only that but Arty’s equally brilliant follow up, “You’re Not Alone” (featuring Griff Clawson, below) bows on the chart at #26!  AND… Arty has yet another new song called “Outburst” (featuring Stellz) which you can also check out below.

When veteran producers get together there is often magic.  And that is the case as Chocolate Puma and Firebeatz team up again, this time for the rich deep house of “Soul Fifty” (below), which climbs 11-9.

The Fastest Riser on the chart is THE song to watch.  Whethan’s 80’s alt.dance.rock throwback “All In My Head” (above) soars 25-11 and that has lots to do with his production as it marries with the vocal by Toronto’s grandson.  It’s from Whethan’s forthcoming album Fantasy, which also includes the third preview single called “Upside Down” (below), this time featuring L.A.’s Grouplove.

Right behind are two songs which are following each other to new heights.  Gareth Emery & Nash’s “Yesterday” (above) is another slice of 80’s-oriented electronic dance music featuring a beauty of a vocal by L.A. singer Linney, rising 20-12.  You can expect Gareth’s new single, the affecting “You’ll Be OK” (featuring Annabel, also above) to join it on the chart mighty soon!  And leaping 21-13 is “Fall-Out” (below) by Netherlands/Emirati producers Revelries working this time with fellow producers Boyboyboy and vocalist Will Church.

Another song set to soar is Porter Robinson’s gentle and touching “Get Your Wish” (above) which climbs 28-17.  And yes, Porter has already released a follow up called “Something Comforting” which you can hear below.

There are two more newcomers to the chart besides Arty’s “You’re Not Alone”.  The Highest Debut belongs to Swedish duo Mary Jane and Victor – you know them as Smith And Thell.  Their encouraging new song “Goliath” has radio hit spelled all over it after their last single “Hotel Walls” received a lot of attention.  “Goliath” (above) arrives at #24.  Then, at #30 is the first solo appearance for Jake Shears of Scissor Sisters with his outstanding independent release “Meltdown” (below).  This is one rollicking and engaging dance track that club DJ’s should embrace instantly.  Scissor Sisters previously appeared on this chart, hitting the Top 10 both times, with “I Don’t Feel Like Dancin'” (#8) in 2006 and “Only The Horses” (#5) in 2012.  Jake also provided vocals on “The Other Boys” (#5) with NERVO, Kylie Minogue and Nile Rodgers in 2015.

The BILLCS Viral Weekly is back 🙂 and will indeed be a weekly feature despite not appearing last week.  Some of the songs will change every week, particularly those by bigger name artists, and it will always include a mix of newer and independent artists with those who are more popular.  Check it out below!

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In Full Effect For The Fall: This Beat Is… @Poptronik ! Volume Two



In April 2012, upon release of Volume One of This Beat Is… Poptronik!, I got so excited about the amazing songs within that I said it reinvented and created a template for dance compilations to come.  True to that, Raj Rudolph of EQ Music Blog has once again put together (and this time released independently) an extremely entertaining selection of electronica, Europop, and danceable pop/rock that beckons immediate response.

I was only familiar with six of the songs within which all saw previous release.

  • It’s quite a coup for a song by the abundantly talented FrankMusik to be included – even more special when it’s my favourite from his Between album, “Map”, which got to #1 on my chart.
  • Also we have recent charters Parralox featuring Ryan Adamés (both of whom Raj manages) with their grower of a cover of “Silent Morning”, and Adam Tyler’s sinewy “Fade Into The Light”.
  • Even Mr. Cherry Cherry Boom Boom himself joins in with his Billboard Dance Club Play hit “One and Only” in the bouncy Dave Aude remix.

Of the songs I didn’t know, I have some new faves and others to earmark for multiple listens:

  • You know the name Jennifer Paige, the American singer responsible for the Top 5 1998 hit “Crush” and a dance club hit the next year, “Always You”.  A few years back she formed a band with singer/songwriter/producer Coury Palermo called The Fury.  They have since renamed themselves Paige & Palermo and their song “Belong”, a midtempo pop/dance number, is one of the key attractions on Poptronik!
  • LA singer Kaden James just toppled Pet Shop Boys from #1 on my chart with “Black Light”.  Another song from the same songwriting team is included here, the propulsive and thought-provoking “Fuel For The Machine”.
  • Italy’s Osvaldo Supino just arrived on my chart with “Ma Radio”, and from the same folks we have some lovely and quietly bold danceable pop in the form of “I Have A Name”.
  • “Super DJ” by Smith & Thell, “Cut The Cord” by Aron Scott featuring Glorious Inc., and the titular “This Beat Is Poptronik” by Marc Lime & K. Bastian featuring Little Neve White (up top) could all score in dance clubs because of outstanding vocals and irresistible choruses.
  • A comp that includes songs by Carmen Electra and ex-Pussycat Doll Jessica Sutta??  Save any prospective shudders, these are terrific, sexy choices to inject into the mix with “I Like It Loud” and “Again” (below) respectively.  Very pleasantly surprised at these!
  • Dutch singer Tao Hypah brought the unforgettable “Celeb” to the Volume One party last year, and this year “Night To Remember” helps crank it up.
  • Fans of Dangerous Muse may wish to check out their submission called “I Can’t Help It” among a lot of other really strong songs.
  • Finally, one song that is a ‘sleeper’ that I find particularly noteworthy in a sunny California highway cruising kind of way (even before you watch the video) is “I  Remember” by Nick Pes.  Breezy, wistful dance pop as we head into Autumn.

All in all, 24 songs to keep your summer parties going well into … beyond!  You can’t go wrong with This Beat Is…Poptronik Volume Two.  To throw back to those good ol’ disco days, it just makes you want more, more, more, so just dance, dance, dance 🙂  Ain’t nuthin’ wrong with that!! 🙂