Spooky and alluring: “Evil Presence” by @MichaelMasonsux featuring @SophiexMeiers

MICHAEL MASON featuring SOPHIE MEIERS, “Evil Presence”

It’s darkly whimsical and alluring, and “Evil Presence” by producer Michael Mason with singer Sophie Meiers may be more suited for Hallowe’en than the current holiday season, as its cover artwork might signal.  But its mysterious qualities are what will keep you coming back, full of a teasing kind of atmosphere thanks to another spot-on vocal by Sophie, who you also heard recently on Madnap’s sultry “Honey”.  “Evil Presence” is definitely a grower and could set the scene for great things in a set with the lights turned down really low, to draw club goers out on to the floor for their danse divine.  Michael Mason has a taut, unassuming winner with “Evil Presence”.  Check it out at the link above.

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As the evening winds down there’s “Honey” by @Madnapmusic featuring @SophiexMeiers

MADNAP featuring SOPHIE MEIERS, “Honey”

The big beats have stopped. Sports is over on TV.  Your favourite movie has roared to a finale.  So it’s time to find some quiet private time with that special someone.  “Honey” by L.A.’s Madnap sets the tone nicely for what might follow.  Featuring a sultry and confident vocal by Sophie Meiers, “Honey” whirls the slow dance to the end with melodic, hollow sounds providing a sometimes acoustic backdrop while Sophie sings as if she’s the second last one in the room next to her own loved one.  Madnap makes “Honey” glimmer and it’s hardly sugary sweet, more like the teaspoon you want to lick from sitting in your cup of tea.  While clubs could easily use it in a slower set mid-evening, the most appropriate and effective place for “Honey” is near or at the end.  Madnap keeps it new and fresh at the link above.

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