SoCal electronic dance producer @JayB1rdmusic scores a personal best with progressive and dreamy “Escape” featuring outstanding soulful vocals by @chrxstalcreates


“Escape” is a heart-wrenching, dreamy, soulful electronic ballad from SoCal producer Jay Bird, about whom I’ve written many times.  Jay has been gradually moving into a more progressive, future bass style with his songs, and “Escape”, which has been released by Adept Records, is his best to date.  And to think that “Escape” might not have seen the light of day.  When Jay took some time away from music to regroup a few years back, “Escape” was written and almost forgotten.  Rediscovering it, he added the glorious new voice of Chrxstal Sarah, and the transformation was complete.  “Escape” has precisely placed beats and drops along with an undeniable hook. Chrxstal’s vocal is a stunner, totally nailing the emotion of the song that will truly resonate with fans of this genre.  

“Please Say So (Don’t Leave Me In Silence)” is ear-grabber electronic pop from SoCal singer/songwriter @TylerGelrud and Montreal producer Gerard Peters

TYLER GELRUD & GERARD PETERS, “Please Say So (Don’t Leave Me In Silence)”

He’s recorded under different project names during the last decade, so 2020 marks a return for Orange County-based singer/songwriter Tyler Gelrud with a new single and a fresh sound in “Please Say So (Don’t Leave Me In Silence)”.  And it’s a real ear-grabber whose chorus pulls you into the song to appreciate its finesse and balanced production for an independent release.  It’s Tyler’s second collaboration with Montreal producer Gerard Peters, and there’s obvious synchronicity which has led to this outcome.  The star though is Tyler’s vocal, which is affecting and engrossing rather than pleading, and it makes “Please Say So” really soar.  

SoCal duo Inspired & The Sleep @insprdandtheslp help us out with “Getting Through”


Although the lyrics are perfectly serious, SoCal duo Inspired And The Sleep (Max and Bryce) are determined to help us all out with “Getting Through”.  Its empowering message compels you to listen, which is countered by a soothing melody carried throughout by a some chipper piano chords, giving it a 1970’s Doobie Brothers kind of vibe (think of songs like “Minute By Minute” or “It Keeps You Runnin'”).  Max’s vocal really shines as well, making “Getting Through” likely the best release I’ve heard from them to date.  It’s definitely indie alternative, and college radio stations should enjoy this one immensely.  But it’s also unique pop music that will stand apart from the rest in a set, not an easy thing to do these days.

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“When It Goes Down” is dance/pop for an all-year summer from SoCal’s @DreeMonmusic

DREE MON, “When It Goes Down”

Who says you can’t have a great time dancing the night away and still appreciate the person that you rely on, to be there when you need them the most?  That’s the appeal of “When It Goes Down” by SoCal singer/songwriter Dree Mon.  She returns to spread the easy going dance/pop we previously heard in songs like “No Chill” and “Rebel Soul” last year.  With a song like “When It Goes Down”, summer can indeed be all year round, and Dree’s enthusiasm in her vocal is contagious, along with an undeniable hook that owes much to classic 70’s and 80’s hits.  When the bass keeps thumping that beat out a good time will be had by all, positive messages conveyed in the process.  “When It Goes Down” will find a happy place on any summer dance music playlist.

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