Dizzying confusion of “Caving” radiates in a @SpekeroftheHouse remix by @Justin_Caruso featuring @JamesDroll

JUSTIN CARUSO featuring JAMES DROLL, “Caving” (Speaker of the House remix)

While he’s subject to receiving nasty erroneous tweets and messages meant for Paul Ryan, L.A.-based producer/remixer Speaker of the House has a great ear for melody and providing a balanced remix.  Justin Caruso’s latest, “Caving”, is a perfect case, carried by an amiable and expressive vocal by Nashville-based singer James Droll.  Lots of high end sounds make “Caving” sparkle, and the focus on a bright and uptempo rhythm contributes to the confusion that the lyrics in the song are facing.  It’s a well-rounded remix that you should check out and add to your summery Spotify dance playlists at the link above.

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“Hi” on a happy vibe, courtesy of @SpkeroftheHouse


He had a great year in 2016 opening for The Chainsmokers as well as remixing for them, as well as for Elephante and Marshmello, and then releasing his own top notch originals like “Awake, Asleep” and “Wide Awake”, so L.A.-based Speaker Of The House (Dylan Orvell) continues with new originals with the progressive-influenced instrumental amusingly titled “Hi”.  Quite different from his other songs, this one takes ear-catching simplicity like we heard with Hellberg’s “All The Way” and makes it bright and joyous-sounding, with unobtrusive vocal samples, which is sure to put a smile on your face.  I really enjoy how the melody progresses and the song structure unfolds, which keeps you interested with its 4 minute plus length.  Give it a good solid listen at the link above and sway away!

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“Awake, Asleep” is another classy deep house original by @SpkerOfTheHouse featuring @Remmimusic


L.A.-based, Philly-bred Dylan Orvell, aka producer/DJ Speaker Of The House, has great ways to shape a classy deep house groove around what really is a fine pop song.  Such is the case with his latest original “Awake, Asleep”.  To make it even that much better, he’s got Remmi as its vocalist.  You already know her from these blog pages from her endearing vocal on LZRD & Spirix’s “Take Me Apart”.  As a result the song has an intriguing, breezy, dreamy quality about it, with a classic melodic structure, and when that drop comes along you are already sold.  “Awake, Asleep” goes down easy and will take you deep into the night 🙂  Listen above and pick it up on iTunes.

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L.A.’s @spkerofthehouse goes next level with deep house original “Wide Awake”


L.A.-based producer/remixer/performer Speaker Of The House has quickly made a name for himself among his peers with his great ear for a mix and clever choices of remixes of songs by Elephante, Jason Derulo, and Ed Sheeran among others.  “Wide Awake” is an original fresh out of the box today, featuring warm vocals by an unbilled vocalist that will fit into any mid-temp deep house set.  It’s straight-forward and uncomplicated without any overpowering effects to detract from the classic house groove, which also makes it friendly for dance radio airplay.  “Wide Awake” is the start of great new original music from Speaker Of The House where high quality will set it apart from other house and EDM tracks.  Pick it up on any of the major digital platforms.

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#BILLCSTop30 #486 – June 27, 2016

All eyes on the top of the chart in this edition as there’s a new #1 and loads of activity.  As a result, newer songs make smaller moves, and even the fastest riser on the chart only moves up 5 places.  I like a good competition! 🙂

The Top 10

  • It was only a matter of time, but either in its original version or its love struck-sounding remix by EDWYNN x TIKAL and Spirix, Brandon Skeie’s “So Bad” (above) displaces Connor Phillips’ “Lost” (Young Bombs remix) at #1.  With Eli Lieb, Brandon also co-wrote and sang “Pulse” (below) during the past two weeks, a warm and inspiring song written in the aftermath of the Orlando tragedy.

  • It’s summer in the western world and no song on the chart suits the summer months better than “Dreamin'” by Embody featuring Camden Cox, which climbs 7-3.
  • Another romance-oriented remix by Speaker Of The House surfaced to show what a great, diverse song Elephante has in “Closer” (featuring Bishøp).  “Closer” really does deserve to be a pop hit.  It moves up 6-4. 

  • Jenaux’s powerfully funky and fresh “Get It On” arrives in the Top 10 at #8.  Got any platform shoes handy? 😉

  • It says something when you get to play a free show in Times Square, and NYC natives The Chainsmokers are doing just that tomorrow (Monday June 27).  If they perform “Don’t Let Me Down” perhaps Daya will be present too.  The song rises 12-9

  • The Knocks and Semi-Precious Weapons singer (and now noted songwriter) Justin Tranter are a great pairing, and “Tied To You” becomes The Knocks’ third song from their album 55 to grace the Top 10, climbing 13-10.

Movin’ On Up

  • Tom Odell’s winning new composition “Magnetised” gets stuck outside of the Top 10 due to fierce competition.  Thanks to a bass-synth driven Kat Krazy remix it continues to get attention in the club scene.  “Magnetised” jumps 15-11.

  • It’s a fantastic, vivid story that will hold your interest throughout – Toronto-bases singer Joël’s “You Fucked Up” rises 14-12.

  • Ariana Grande’s “Into You” is one of her best songs, yet it seems to be still stuck behind many better ones!  We’ll see if she surpasses the #8 peak of “The Way” in the coming weeks.  “Into You” moves up 20-16.

  • The fastest riser on the chart is the gloriously feel good #1 dance anthem “So Happy” by Tony Moran featuring Jason Walker, which jumps 23-18.
  • Hand in hand with Embody’s “Dreamin'”, Rain Man has done exactly what his song says.  “Bring Back The Summer” (featuring Oly) is meant for sunshiny days and moves 24-20.
  • Nik Ernst’s “Stronger” is British deep house at its best, and given a slick edit by Dutchman Steve Void.  It climbs 25-21.

  • Built By Titan’s collaboration with Jesse McCartney on “Dangerous” is definitely turning heads as it bubbles under in the pop and dance genres.  “Dangerous” moves up 26-22.


  • “Take Me Apart” is a thoughtful original by producers/remixers LZRD and Spirix featuring the flattering voice of Remmi.  Spirix of course is part of the teenage remix duo who bring us “So Bad” by Brandon Skeie at #1 too.  “Take Me Apart” is one of the most impressive new songs I’ve heard all year, so expect great things to happen for it in the coming weeks.  It arrives at #23 and is a free download – for now!
  • “Open Your Mind” by Chicago producer/remixer Megaphonix follows up his remixes of songs by Zedd, Jack Ü, and others which have got worldwide attention.  “Open Your Mind” is a joyous original slice of house which is perfect for Pride events.  It’s a free download and bows at #25.

And lastly…

  • “Worship” by Brandyn Burnette arrives at #28 from the freshly minted State I’m In EP which was released this past Friday.  “Worship” stands out as one of Brandyn’s best compositions, but there are many more to meet the ears in State I’m In which I haven’t yet written about, such as “Inner Child”, “Closer” (with John Lock), in which I keep hearing vocal phrasing from both MGMT’s “Electric Feel” and DNCE’s “Cake By The Ocean”, and “Set In Stone”.  State I’m In is another fantastic effort for Brandyn, admirably following up Made Of Dreams.  It’s available to buy on all platforms.

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