Video Round’up! featuring Ian Lee, In My Coma, Shane Harper, Spencer, Daley, and Saint Motel

Ian Lee, “Je ne m’en fais pas”

While studying French many years ago, I gained an innate appreciation for French and Quebecois culture, and one thing I adore is the humour.  We already had an amusing bilingual single from Ian Lee earlier this year (“So Nice To Meet You”), and he’s back passing his worries away with “Je ne m’en fais pas” (from the EP of the same name, available on iTunes).  He’s the straight man in the video just trying to perform his song and get the girl, despite all kinds of wacky antics.  Oh and producer John Nathaniel gets in on the acting too (sorry dude your cheekbones are a dead giveaway).  Watch below.

In My Coma, “Dreamers”

Their album Magnets & Miracles came out over a year ago, but this three piece band from the Toronto area featuring singer/guitarist Jasper James, bassist LauraDoll, and drummer Mike Paterson,  has gained a lot of momentum this year, most recently opening up for Sum 41 in Toronto through a contest that they won.  “Dreamers” is the latest video which continues to show off their flare for thoughtful lyrics and progressive rock-oriented melody.  I’ll continue touting them but all you really need to do is see them in concert or listen to the album to hear them showcase their 90s-influenced brand of rock that seems to be making a comeback.   Watch “Dreamers” below.

Shane Harper, “Dancing in the Rain”

Ever since he started appearing as Spencer in the TV show “Good Luck Charlie” (which I have little choice to watch, having a 12 year old daughter), I’ve been following Shane Harper’s music as he tries to extend beyond his Disney audience.  He’s a multi-talent for sure – sings, plays music, acts, dances extremely well – and a song and video like “Dancing In The Rain” seals the deal.  It’s a great, joyous showcase for Shane to show his mass appeal and it’s just a matter of time now before he breaks out of the Disney circle.  Watch below.

Spencer, “The Quest for Pop (It’s What I Love)”

I’m writing this by actually seconding My Fizzy Pop’s review from a few weeks back.  New UK singer Spencer reminds me a whole lot vocally of American counterpart Chris Wallace, except with “The Quest For Pop” he’s dipped into relatively recent British music history.  The song is a paean to the Stock-Aitken-Waterman era of dance pop, and the highly retro approach is extremely appealing.  Lord knows what today’s youngins will make of it all, but it definitely strikes an emotional nerve in those of us who are older.  I’m quite content to have more of this, please.  Watch below.

Daley featuring Jessie J, “Remember Me”

You may recall 23 year old UK blue-eyed soul singer Daley (first name Gareth) from a few years back when he was featured on Gorillaz’s “Doncamatic”, which was a terrific Top 40 UK hit showcase for his far-ranging and unique voice that sometimes sounds like Jay Kay of Jamiroquai.  He subsequently released a mixtape grab bag called Those Who Wait, from which his song “Smoking Gun” got some attention.  He’s back and poised to make a huge splash with a debut album, and his pairing with Jessie J on “Remember Me” sparkles and keeps you listening and watching all the way through.  I loves me that British soul stuff and Daley has the punch and presence to drive it home.  Watch below.

Saint Motel, “Benny Goodman”

The L.A. quartet is back with another clever video directed by singer A/J Jackson, this time the most infectious and winning song from their album Voyeur, which I wrote about this summer after checking out the band in concert.  The video is equally compelling, with some great moves from a young dancer who is going to go places fast.  He pretty much owns the video thanks to the deliberate non-reaction of the rest of the folks in the video, though it’s enhanced when some lovely ladies get up and join him.  The song got to #15 on my chart recently and I’m hoping this video will generate some more notoriety for this talented troup.  Watch below.

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