“Broken Love” by @TheHim and @ParsonJames is a danceable pop feast for the ears and heart

THE HIM and PARSON JAMES, “Broken Love”

I don’t say it very often, but “Broken Love” by Dutch producers The Him and featuring acclaimed American vocalist Parson James, is one of those genuine, well-made pop records that is going to resonate through the rest of 2018.  Following up the soulful “White Lies”, Steven and Jeroen always come up with something new with each release, with their high standards all intact (including a big, winning anthemic chorus), but here I must say that they’ve thrown the showcase to a brilliant vocal by Parson James that will make you melt.  Parson has already had success with the worldwide hit “Stole The Show”, which was performed with Kygo no less.  But that was in 2015 – seemingly so long ago now.  That gap in time (in which he still released his debut EP The Temple) however helps make “Broken Love” sound quite fresh and bring on all the necessary feels.  “Broken Love” is a killer one-of-a-kind blend of production, songwriting, and vocal talent, and I hope we will hear from The Him and Parson James together again soon.  

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LMFAO’s @Redfoo is back collaborating with @Vinai for infectious “Everything I Need”

REDFOO & VINAI, “Everything I Need”

You’re in for a big surprise with “Everything I Need”, a new collaboration with ex-LMFAO’s Redfoo and Italian producers Vinai, noted for their big room sound.  “Everything I Need” is one solid, genuinely infectious song that is deserving of attention not only with club DJ’s (since it’s coming courtesy of Spinnin’) but at radio too.  Redfoo, aka Stefan Gordy (yes, the youngest Gordy of Berry Jr.’s clan), faded into the background in North America after LMFAO’s massive successes “Party Rock Anthem” and “Sexy And I Know It” back in 2011.  But Redfoo found further success in Australia where he had two Top 5 solo tracks including the number one “Let’s Get Ridiculous”, and was a judge on Oz’s X Factor too.  So circling back through a dance track is a wise move, and Vinai have built a great foundation for it.  And to me, a very good song will top everything, so add “Everything I Need” to your Expect The Unexpected playlist using the Spotify link above.

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“Fix You” marks a stellar return for renown Dutch producers @Vicetone



It’s a most welcome return indeed for Dutch duo Vicetone (aka Ruben and Victor), who brought us the top notch EP Aurora in 2016, with the highlight for me from it being “Bright Side”,  featuring Cosmos & Creature’s first appearance in the dance music world.  “Fix You” is equally as joyous and positive musically, but the vocal (uncredited, but shhh it’s American singer Kyd The Band) is soulful and committed and adds extra drive power to the song.  Some of the best dance music in the world with pop potential like “Fix You” continues to come from The Netherlands, and Vicetone – who took time out to create a soundtrack remix album for the video game “League Of Legends” no less – are poised to maintain their status as world-class producers along with those who inspired them such as Eric Prydz and Swedish House Mafia.  Add “Fix You” to your danceable love songs playlist at the Spotify link below.

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A new @Spirixmusic dance tune is always worth waiting for – “Runaway” featuring @Xuitcasecity

SPIRIX featuring XUITCASECITY, “Runaway” 

Young L.A.-based producer/DJ Spirix caught my ears last year big time with his original with LZRD “Take Me Apart” and with his remix (with EDWYNN x TIKAL) on my favourite song of 2016, “So Bad” by Brandon Skeie.  He’s since trail-blazed with other remixes of songs by Lost Kings and Vanic, but has now returned with another collaborative original, “Runaway”, for Spinnin’ Premium no less, featuring Tampa pop/hip hop duo Xuitcasecity.  “Runaway” has a friendly pop flavour about it that’s thrown into an effortless Spirix dance mix that doesn’t let up, and doesn’t let go of the R&B/Hip Hop vibes that Xuitcasecity brings to the song either.  “Runaway” is a pretty straight-forward song that will win you over on first listen and will keep us waiting for more new Spirix tunes 🙂  Get it on iTunes (the free download is no longer available).

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