@Bannersmusic’s “Start A Riot” gets fresh EDM makeovers by @itsDaveEdwards and @Thundatraxx

BANNΞRS, “Start A Riot” (Dave Edwards and Thundatraxx remixes)

It’s rare when two remixes of a song that’s been long on the bubble come along, and you can’t really decide which one you like best.  The good news is that both are official remixes of Banners’ “Start A Riot”.  UK singer/songwriter Banners (aka Michael Nelson) has been touring North America recently promoting his highly touted EP released late last year.  And while the original of “Start A Riot” comes off as an enjoyable song that’s the next best thing to acoustic Coldplay, the remixes beg to offer up their own variations.  

NYC native Dave Edwards keeps his remix closer to the original melody as well as the pace of the song, as it gradually segues into charming futuristic deep house that allows a beautiful focus on Banners’ voice at the 2 minute mark.  

Thundatraxx is the (shhh) pseudonym for noted US producer/songwriter Eric Sanicola, who revs up the tempo a tad allowing him to incorporate an anthemic tropical vibe which serves the song nicely, keeping the song’s intention and vocal qualities intact.

So you can’t go wrong with either remix and it will be special indeed if club DJ’s can find a place for them in their playlists, which will help grow Banners’ music to an entirely different crowd.  Listen to both remixes via Spotify below.