UK singer/songwriter @SeanSmithsolo helps us bask and dance through “Summertime”

SEAN SMITH, “Summertime”

Sean Smith always surprises in some way or form when he releases a new song, and “Summertime” is no exception to that.  The UK singer/songwriter has crafted with producer Andy Sikorski a delightful ode to basking in and enjoying the summer through a past reminiscence.  “Summertime” also shows off Sean’s high vocal range much more extensively than other songs in the past, and it’s the highlight of the song.  “Summertime” is culled from Sean’s brand new album for Energise Records called Solo, which features past singles that I’ve written about such as “Magic”, “Fire”, and that smashing and memorable duet with Australia’s Peter Wilson, “Verona”, so I’ll look forward to hearing the rest!

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2015’s Summer song is “Summertime” by @TrevorGuthrie

TREVOR GUTHRIE, “Summertime”

One of the first (and most read) blog posts I wrote back in 2009 was about the whereabouts of ex-soulDecision singer/songwriter Trevor Guthrie.  Well of course eventually Trevor made his way to new, if unanticipated heights in 2013 as featured in Armin van Buuren’s dance classic “This Is What It Feels Like”, which became a massive radio hit in Trevor’s native Canada too.  “Soundwave” followed last year as Trevor once again embraced dance music, and this year it’s “Summertime”, which I first heard when Trevor performed during Canadian Music Week.  It’s a no brainer – honest-to-goodness feel good music for your summer partying pleasure.  That it’s sung by Trevor in his friendly and engaging style makes it even better.  “Summertime” is 2015’s summer song! 🙂 Watch the lyric video above.

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