Check out @Cazztek’s playful remix of “Hit The Road Jack” by @Throttle

THROTTLE, “Hit The Road Jack” (Cazztek remix)

It’s been hovering under the radar for a few months but Aussie producer/DJ Throttle’s electro-swing cover of Ray Charles’ classic “Hit The Road Jack” gets a playful spin from new and mysterious producer Cazztek (very little available online about this remixer!).  While Throttle’s original mix focused on the mighty soulful uncredited vocal by American singer Jordan Landers,  Cazztek’s remix takes Throttle’s eagerness to entertain sideways with a contemporary bounce and a drop/break that sounds like it could have been borrowed from a Ray Charles concert album, which gives it a reverent old school vibe.  Too good for club DJ’s to pass by, Cazztek’s remix could allow the song to get more notice worldwide.  Listen at the link above but you may find that subconscious boogieing takes over 🙂

How to make #EDM swing: “Thrill” by @TRI_zero_music

TRI, “Thrill”

“Thrill” is a playful new song that knows how to make EDM swing.  I really don’t know anything about its mysterious artist TRI, but no matter the droll French lounge jazz vocal married with some simple but standout horns and swinging percussion all work very well together.  But adding some well-placed electronic effects gives the song added dimension and helps direct “Thrill” to an entirely different audience.  “Thrill” is as quirky and adventurous as what Toronto’s Uninvited Guests attempted to do last year with updated renditions of classical Glenn Gould songs (read my post).  It’s full of spirit and sustains its four minutes well.  Be sure to give TRI’s “Thrill” a listen at the link above.

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