Love is the subject: Unite and dance to “Nation Of Love” by @meetMikeSal (@Vincenzo_Salvia remix)

MIKE SAL, “Nation Of Love” (Vincenzo Salvia remix)

After this past weekend and since last Fall, more than ever I think we need songs like “Nation Of Love” by Atlanta-based singer/songwriter Mike Sal.  In its original mix, it’s a happy, glorious tune about uniting in the name of love and having some fun while we’re at it.  I’ve been predisposed to it for a while now in anticipation 🙂 and am glad to see it on official release.  However, even better, it’s also available in a number of remixes! Italy’s Vincenzo Salvia’s bubbly Europop take is like the dreamiest of icing on the cake.  It’s got a familiar 80’s flavour befitting Erasure or Pet Shop Boys, and will keep you smiling throughout.  I would definitely throw this over to club DJ’s to play at a high point in an evening when you want absolutely everyone on the dance floor.  You can pick up the original and remixes of “Nation Of Love” on iTunes.

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Brendan Velasquez (@BrendanV88) brings on the unassuming charm with “Disappearing”



Part of the qualities of a good record, no matter how unassuming it may seem, is charm.  Proof in the pudding are in both vocals by Maryland-raised, Texas-based Brendan Velasquez, and melody and lyrics courtesy of the ever-amazing Crush Boys (Daniel Volpe and Thomas Lipp) and Charlie Mason.  “Disappearing” is a song of self-reflection and making a decision for not only those around you but yourself as well.  Whether or not that’s the right decision is the point/counterpoint at the crux of the song.  Brendan’s voice, dreamy and full of conviction [producers/remixers – if you’re looking for another go-to voice for dance tunes… 🙂 ], sells us this dilemma, while the songwriters aptly let the story unfold and give it a sullen but silky 80’s-tinged synthpop backdrop.  Don’t let “Disappearing” slip on by, be sure to watch the video above and pick it up at your favourite digital music store.

80s style synthpop comes alive with “Washout” by @MaybtheMoon (free DL)

MAYBE THE MOON, “Washout” (free download)

There’s Walk The Moon and Walk Off The Moon but out of the three, only Maybe The Moon captures an 80’s synthpop vibe and makes it come alive all over again.  San Franciscan duo Karmen and Alex both play keyboards, while Karmen sings lead and Alex also plays guitar.  The rhythm is Hall & Oates’ “Out Of Touch”, the style is Laura Branigan meets Simple Minds.  “Washout” has a beautiful, flowing melody and original vocal that make it standout.  I think Maybe The Moon could fare very well in dance club play land along with some remixes.  Download “Washout” using the link above.

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