Meet NYC-based singer @Kerensound whose evocative single “Talisman” casts its own classic pop spell

KÉREN, “Talisman”

Educated at Berklee College and travelling worldwide with symphony orchestras brings a richness to the music of NYC-based singer Kéren with her recent single “Talisman” from her new 6-song album In Form.  Kéren sounds like so many classic alternative and pop singers at different times – Adele, Amy Winehouse, Sade, Björk – yet has also achieved her own sound through the crisp and compelling clarity of her voice and the subtle yet layered arrangement of her music.  “Talisman” is a song that could be set to a cinescape of images for even better effect. Kéren’s worldly music seems to want to unfold a set of stories that will be fit for the ages.  “Talisman” has numerous indelible and mystical qualities about it that warmly pull you in to enjoy.

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Create your own adventure with “Talisman” by @Egzodmusic

EGZOD, “Talisman”

A lot of songs in the trap, future bass, and dubstep sub-genres can sound like one big mess sometimes, but exceptions like “Talisman” by US-based Frenchman Egzod always make it worthwhile to keep listening.  “Talisman” is a bold, aggressive instrumental that sounds like it wants to transport you to an Egyptian or other African adventure of some kind.  It’s meant to be played loud, and the melody shifts seamlessly away from big future bassy sounds to others with more high end percussion and keyboards.  There’s a lot going on here so don’t expect it to sink in with one or two listens.  Egzod definitely knows his craft and while making a splash with an instrumental is always no mean feat, continuing to incorporate vocalists or other talents into the mix on other songs will definitely give his songs the right attention.  

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