L.A.’s @djTeffler has a potential floor-filler with future bass of “The Spectre”

TEFFLER, “The Spectre”

“The Spectre” is an easy add into the mix for club DJ’s looking for a daunting future bass instrumental to rev up a set.  It’s brought to you by L.A.’s Teffler, who most recently offered up a piano-driven slice of classic house with pop potential called “Never Let You Go”.  “The Spectre” definitely deserves to be revisited at Hallowe’en for the party circuit at that time.  While you’ll wait for that key drop, it doesn’t get too down and dirty, and has a sly underlying 90’s flavour recalling German Eurodisco of the day.  I think some remixes would be beneficial to add to the mystery of the song.  Add it to your playlist of dark electro-dance instrumentals at the Spotify link above.

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L.A.-based @Teffler has a well-rounded winner with “Never Let Me Go” with @iamDane8

TEFFLER & D.A.N.E., “Never Let Me Go”

Unless you recall the days of having a ‘formula’ for a hit record, songs that have both pop and electronica dance mixes that work for their audiences don’t come around too often.  L.A.-based Teffler and Chicago’s D.A.N.E. are two producer/DJ/songwriters who have tapped into something quite good with both the radio edit and club edit of “Never Let Me Go” for Wall Recordings.  Teffler has already been bringing the goods for a number of years as a DJ – an outlet for his own anxieties, many will relate! – remixer and songwriter for the likes of Ellie Goulding and Nathan Sykes. Featuring the sweet sizzle of an uncredited vocal by Christa Gniadek, the radio edit grabs the longing of the lyrics and leads them towards the bounce of the chorus, whereas the club edit focuses less on the lyrics and more on a classic piano 90’s flavoured house melody to make it pretty darned irresistible for clubs and dance radio shows.  Check out both versions at the Spotify link above.

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