#BILLCSTop30 #597 – September 28/20

This week, the BILLCS Music Blog turns 11! And this week I will be working on a new project that will support the blog and chart, and a great deal of new music and artists, if it all works out. So watch for more news on that front.

In the meantime, the new chart had four new entries while the upper region continues to look similar to the past four weeks of music.

What will Joel Corry do next for dance music, following the success of “Lonely” and “Head & Heart”, which continues at #1 on my chart for a third appearance (six weeks). Collaborating with co-writer and singer MNEK was definitely a blessing, and I hope they will reteam in the future. In the meantime, who will be next?

“Dancing Next To Me” by Greyson Chance is a dance anthem for anyone who’s been cheated or denied their opportunity to be with someone of mutual attraction. It moves up 3-2.

Greyson or the song at #3 seem poised to challenge “Head & Heart” in two weeks. And that song is “Undo My Heart” by Karen Harding & Digital Farm Animals, climbing 4-3. This one can go side-by-side with the likes of “Nobody’s Supposed To Be There” or “Un-break My Heart” in my books!

Also moving up from 6-5 is “Naked” by another dream team, which is British producer Jonas Blue and NYC singer/songwriter MAX. Both artists had huge events this past week. Jonas performed the virtual show Electronic World this past weekend; long-time fave and chart veteran MAX released his new album Colour Vision, and performed all of the songs virtually (and solo, where there are usually collaborators). Check out MAX’s amazing song with BTS’ Suga called “Blueberry Eyes” below.

UK indie singer/songwriter Benedict Cork has more new music this week just ahead of the release of his new EP Piano Tapes Vol. II. “One Last Song” continues its upward movement, rising 10-8. Watch for “Wild One” on Wednesday!

Giiants obtain their second Top 10 on my chart with their latest single “Waiting For You”, which climbs 13-9. They previously reached #3 with “Small Talk”. And of course two of the members, Cam and Adam, also recorded as DATABOY, who had three #1’s here in the last decade.

The Fastest Riser on the chart, for the second time in a row, is a blazing instrumental that will make you get out of your seat and move! That is mission accomplished for “House Is Happiness” by Germany’s Stan Sax, which soars 18-10!

L.A.-based trio Fames have a catchy winner with “scared of the dark”, which moves up 25-20.

“We Are Home” by Florida-based singer/songwriter Lauren Mayhew and Moroccan producer Mariline moves up a brisk 27-22. It’s also the second entry on the chart for indie dance label Tipsy Records!

The Highest Debut on the chart is the first entry for Sweden’s Pawl & Discrete with the irresistibly infectious, snappy house track “Type Like That”, which arrives at #24. It’s also the first release on the chart for dance label LoudKult.

Returning for the first time to the chart as a solo artist since 2011 is Sweden’s Agnes Carlsson with “Fingers Crossed” at #26. She of course was part of Avicii’s belated but amazing “Tough Love” last year, which got to #3. Agnes’ “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” was her last solo entry, which reached #7, but her first entry in 2009, “Release Me”, went to #1.

Debuting on the chart are the brothers Lynch, Ross and Rocky, aka The Driver Era, with the beautiful “Take Me Away” at #27. When she was a pre-teen, my daughter was a big fan of Ross’ TV show from early last decade, “Austin & Ally”, and I became acquainted with his music and additional talent by taking her to a couple of shows by his family band R5. Since then Ross has developed quite a resumé as an actor – I watch him in episodes of “The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina” – and as a singer, even recording with the likes of dance producers Tritonal a few years ago. The Driver Era is a cool alternative pop/rock project that deserves to flourish.

The fourth new entry is by another one of my chart veterans, Bright Light Bright Light, who has been going strong in my music world since 2010! With the recent release of his fourth album Fun City, there is so much great music from which to choose, but the unbridled anthemic joy of “It’s Alright, It’s OK” resonates with me and it arrives at #28. It’s a collaboration with a trio of talented women from Montreal called Caveboy. The first single from Fun City, “This Was My House”, peaked at #5 this past summer.

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Introducing “10/10″#01: @bDavidsonmusic @missMollyMoore @RadCatmusic @itsDylanMatthew @SleepyTom @Lights @Saxity @Cookin3burners @HenriPurnell @Revelriesmusic @FinalDJs @BrightLightx2 @TheDriverEra @Fambamusic @itsLostBoy

Introducing… 10/10 #01

10/10 (or tenoutoften) is the name of my new feature when I will write about 10 hot and fresh songs in no particular order, for your kind consideration and attention.

I will also continue to write individual blog posts about certain songs.  That does not mean that songs in the 10/10 lists are any less than those featured individually. 

Writing 10/10 features means I will be able to cover more songs in one shot than I’ve been able to do recently.  So you get to learn about more new music that I hear but don’t always get a chance to write about.  I think that’s pretty fair 🙂

So let’s move on to #01:



tenoutoften 01


  • BEN DAVIDSON, “No One Knows”

Scottish singer Ben Davidson has a beautiful, rich tone to his voice that could make an encyclopedia sound melodic.  “No One Knows” is the title song from Ben’s album from last Fall which followed attractive singles “The Chain”, “Fallin’ In” and “Learning To Let You Go”.  But “No One Knows” bests them all with a warm story of dedication to a special person. The song just gets better as it moves along, leaving with a finish that resonates like fine cognac after a good meal.

  • MOLLY MOORE featuring KEENAN CHARLES, “Vibes”

Continuing to stretch the boundaries between pop, rock and dance music, L.A.-based singer/songwriter Molly Moore follows up “Be Here Now” with something completely different.  “Vibes” captures the cool of L.A. with an edgy, soulful sound that is accentuated by the flowing emcee work of Keenan Charles. It’s not every day that you reacquaint yourself with your high school prom date and ask him to contribute to your record but Molly has done just that and it’s an indelible if sometimes subdued release.

  • RAD CAT and DYLAN MATTHEW, “Show Off”

It’s been a while since I wrote about Christian Ariza, the San Diego producer otherwise known as Rad Cat.  “Show Off” is a bouncy, familiar-sounding feel good track with hip hop vibes marrying happily with electronica and a catchy vocal from Dylan Matthew.  I’ll pitch this one to fans of The Knocks who will enjoy the funky rhythm.

  • SLEEPY TOM and LIGHTS, ” Amateur”

Vancouver’s Sleepy Tom has steadily released top notch dance music since his breakout hit “Be Right There” with Diplo.  This time he takes a cue from fellow Canadian producer Felix Cartal and enlists another Canuck, Lights, for her vocal on “Amateur”.  As with Felix’s “Love Me”, Lights is definitely the star of the show, perhaps even more so here, as her tones fill the loud speakers easily at chorus time.   Sleepy Tom’s slick synths and production will help keep you glued to “Amateur”.  And then there’s the Sleepy Tom video game, a clip of which you can check out below.

  • SAXITY, “Weekend”

Mr. Stan Sax and Koni, the saxophonist/guitarist/producers behind Saxity, return to help make Springtime brim with enthusiasm for the good weather and partying when it’s all about the “Weekend”.  Stellar musicianship helps make this new dance anthem go down really smooth, making it an easy add for club DJ’s.  Unleash this one on the dance floor and watch people move!


Taking its cue from “This Girl”, the monstrous worldwide hit a few years back by Kungs and Cookin on 3 Burners which is still heard positively everywhere, “Force Of Nature” is a wicked blend of old school soul and house music.  For it was the unique sound of Australian trio Cookin on 3 Burners that anchored “This Girl” (a variation of a song they recorded about 10 years ago), and that retro 60’s lounge style from that song pervades “Force Of Nature”.  Partnering in the mix are Germany’s Henri Purnell and Emirati/Netherlands-based duo Revelries, who have both acquitted themselves well with Top 5 songs on my personal chart (“Silent Games” and the current “Don’t Think Twice”, respectively).


Its wonderful to see the pairing of Germany’s Sebastian Stuetz, aka Final DJs, and long time fave Bright Light Bright Light (Rod Thomas) continue with their latest single together called “Wild”.  It’s got a classic house groove that will simply command you to move and convince you to go as “Wild” as the title says. Very rarely does Rod make an appearance on another record and he flourishes beautifully here as in his own songs like “New York Pretty” or “Love Part II”.  The duo’s earlier single “Lost In Feelings” landed at #11 on my chart during its release.

  • THE DRIVER ERA, “Feel You Now”

The Driver Era is the alt.rock offshoot of popular family band R5 that consists of brothers Rocky and Ross Lynch.  Ross, of course, is a current star of Netflix’s “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”.  The L.A. based, Colorado-born duo fit easily into these rock trappings, possibly much better than you think.  I saw R5 perform in concert two years consecutively and there’s no denying the talent, which also led to Ross being heard in other songs like electronic duo Tritonal’s “Feel The Love”.  “Feel You Now” is powerful and anthemic, reminiscent of music from yesteryear such as by INXS or even Grand Funk Railroad (take a listen to “Closer To Home” for example).

  • FAMBA, “Swear To God”

After emerging on the dance music scene about three years ago with songs like the fun ‘n funky “Right Here Right Now” (for Armada Deep) and “Vibe” (for Tipsy/Epic Norway), Halifax’s Famba signed to Sony Canada and got attention with remixes such as for fellow Canadians like Tyler Shaw.  Currently, you can hear Famba’s “Wish You Well” (featuring vocalist Trove) on every single pop music station in Canada, and I think its next stop will be to conquer the USA. Following that song up in the meantime is “Swear To God”, a powerful electronic release that steers away from the pop of “Wish You Well” for a memorable house track that is more apt to follow up Loud Luxury’s “Body” as the next big dance hit from Canada.

  • LOST BOY, “Help”

California singer/songwriter/musician Lost Boy (aka Dillon Deskin) returns with an endearing song with a gritty rhythm called “Help”.  Strange things happen to our hero in his video (above) for the song so if the lyrics aren’t convincing enough to give him a hand or three, then the video will definitely do it.  “Help” is a rare breed, wanting to connect with you and make you dance at the same time.  This sends Lost Boy in more of a direction that currently works for fellow artists like Bryce Vine and will definitely work well in a club setting.