Dutch producer @djJordanJay deals a wild mix with “Treat You Right”

JORDAN JAY, “Treat You Right”

If a big, busy bounce is your thing, then your new favourite song may be Jordan Jay’s “Treat You Right”.  Led by a pleading, enticing uncredited female vocal, the song whirls and swirls and all but goes upside down with heavy, crunchy future bass synths, and this young Dutchman has obviously been learning a thing or two from Martin Garrix, David Guetta, and other big names who have since latched onto his music.  Alas it’s all done in 2:38 but “Treat You Right” winds you up and hopes to leave you panting and breathless on the dance floor.  Add “Treat You Right” to your More Bounce To The Ounce dance playlist using the Spotify link above.

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“Kayos” by @SWACQmusic featuring @Jordizofficial is unpredictable fun

SWACQ featuring JORDIZ, “Kayos”

You probably know Dutch producer/DJ SWACQ from his recent appearances on Tiesto’s Clublife Volume 5 – China release.  Also appearing on Tiesto’s Musical Freedom label is SWACQ’s deep house collaboration with fellow Dutchman Jordiz with “Kayos”.  This is totally unpredictable, off-the-wall fun mixed in with some island flavour, and when the rhythm is flowing it’s pretty contagious.  When it stops, you’re entirely caught up in wondering where it goes next, leaving you wanting much more.  These guys do very well together and I think we’ll be hearing more of them.  Add “Kayos” to your Summer-in-Winter playlist using the Spotify link above.

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“White Lies” is fresh pop with intrigue from Dutch duo @TheHim

THE HIM, “White Lies”

Alternating between true club bangers like “Everybody Hurts” and pop morsels like “Always”, Dutch duo The Him (Jeroen and Steven) are back with “White Lies”.  The song definitely has more of a dance/pop flavour but remixes could help it shake down on the dance floor too.  An uncredited male vocalist sings an intriguing tale of a potential hook up that could lead to much more if the object of his desire wants it.  The Him embellish it all with airy vocal effects and a fluid bass line that anchors the song at its key moments.  The Him keep cranking out great songs and in turn are a crowd-pleasing presence in concert.  Watch 2018 to be a breakout year for The Him!  Add “White Lies” to your mid-tempo playlist of mysterious pop/dance songs at the Spotify link above.

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Newcomers @BeauCollins & #Osrin offer sophisticated and pretty “Wonderland” featuring @allaboutMaggie

BEAU COLLINS & OSRIN featuring MAGGIE SZABO, “Wonderland”

It’s another global collaboration, this time newcomer producers Beau Collins from The Netherlands and Sweden’s Osrin with the sophisticated and pretty “Wonderland”.  Not only does “Wonderland” have layers of interesting synths and drops in all the right places, it features an appropriately gracious vocal by award-winning Canadian singer Maggie Szabo, who is now based out of L.A.  That vocal is always on point, and I enjoy that that producers have kept it a little gritty in spots.  The signs are all pointing to 2018 being a year filled with futuristic emotional electronic pop, whether sad or uplifting, and “Wonderland” is off to an early start in that regard.  And if these guys are as young as they look, then we’ll be hearing plenty more of Beau Collins and Osrin.

Jaunty synth-pop rhythms flow through “Rain” by Dutch brothers @Teisonmusic featuring #TheEarlybird

TEISON featuring THE EARLYBIRD, “Rain”

Wanna have fun in the rain?  Well that’s the basis of the new single by 17 and 28 year old Dutch brothers Thies and Stijn von Zon aka Teison.  It’s their first release in about a year after a strong kickstart with “Floating Away” and “Your Loving”, which received all kinds of glowing international support out of the gate including from folks like Sam Feldt.  The lads have returned with an appealing synth-pop sound that continues to straddle pop and dance music, and “Rain” features an incredibly distinct and jaunty guitar break by Stijn that will be its calling card.  “Rain” is sweet like honey but mixed in with all kinds of savory bits to enjoy including its engaging lead vocal by mysterious new singer The Earlybird. “Rain” by Teison is available on all digital platforms and well worth your attention.  It’s available for listening at the Spotify link above.

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Asian Bass is the name of the game for @GianniMarino in “Make You” featuring #LunaMay

GIANNI MARINO featuring LUNA MAY, “Make You”

All of the pieces of “Make You” are the sum of familiar parts, assembled carefully and artfully by Dutch producer Gianni Marino, who gets an outstanding vocal by Australian singer Luna May that really rings true.  What starts off like many other EDM ballads quickly shifts into different territory with the nifty addition of “Asian Bass” melodies which seem to be popular these days with producers from the Netherlands (DROELOE was onto it last year as well).  So a pleasant enough song becomes exotic and delightful, with a requisite amount of tenderness and emotion to send it home.  You can give it your undivided attention at the link above.

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“Cheap Motel” is an engaging breakout from young Dutchman @JustinMylomusic

JUSTIN MYLO, “Cheap Motel”

“Cheap Motel” is a great introduction to the songs of 20 year old Dutchman Justin Mylo.  Like me you’ve already heard him with his friend – one Martin Garrix – on “Bouncybob”, and you may have heard about his DJ sets in places like Ibiza.  Well “Cheap Motel” is one explosive slice of bubbly pop/dance that won’t leave you sitting down.  Using a lot of high end and featuring a powerful uncredited vocal that resonates with tons of enthusiasm, “Cheap Motel” is a less traditional, happy story of finding romance in an unlikely place.  I’m sure working with Martin has rubbed off on Justin, but “Cheap Motel” is a dynamic, tightly produced song which should help take him even further.  Catch him this summer if you’re in Las Vegas at Omnia.

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Bittersweet house tune “Rooms” gives @SteveVoidmusic 4 winners in a row


It’s songs like “Rooms” that make you continue to want to hear more from an artist, and The Netherlands’ Steve Void offers that consistency while mixing it up stylistically with every release.  With powerhouse vocals fronting “Chemistry” and “Never Been Better”, and then a fun sidestep with “West L.A.”, Steve tones it down a bit with the pensive “Rooms”, a bittersweet breakup house tune with a wonderful uncredited vocal that comes into its own.  Despite kind of an uneventful beginning, “Rooms” really kicks in both lyrically and sonically, coaxing you to kick up your heels while you relate to the poignant lyrics.  “Rooms” certainly shows another side of what Steve Void can bring to you on a regular basis along with those club thumpers and remixes.  Check it out at the link above.

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Sing, sing, sing, yeah “Sing It All Back” from @Jeronimomusic with @JabranDeMoore


Over the last few years, I’ve written a few pages about the diverse talents of Dutch singer Jeronimo, who topped my personal chart near this time in 2012 with the jaunty “One Kiss”.  He can move seamlessly from a touching ballad to a teen-oriented duet cover of Enrique Iglesias’ “Bailando” to a novelty song in Dutch like “Denk Denk Denk”.  This time he teams up with fellow Nederlander singer/MC Jabran DeMoore for “Sing It All Back”, which manages to capture all fine elements of a pop song before it shifts into arpeggio-laden EDM mode.  “Sing It All Back” catches you by surprise with its energy and good nature.  But if I were a club DJ I’d want a few remixes to bring out the Tiesto/Zedd flavour.  “Sing It All Back” is available worldwide on iTunes.  Watch the lyric video above (there are also several live performance videos on You Tube from Jeronimo’s concerts in his homeland).

Get Inspired with “Colors” by @Hardwell & @Tiesto featuring @AndreasMoemusic


There’s so much very busy EDM out there, and some of it, especially by major artists who are phoning it in, is becoming easy to dislike and dismiss.  Not so with the songs I’ve heard from  Dutch DJ/producer Hardwell (aka 26 year old Robbert van de Corput) on his latest album United We Are.  There are several collaborations, including one with Jason Derulo that will make you turn your head all the way around, but the most striking is “Colors”, a partnership with the reknown Tiësto and Sweden’s Andreas Moe, who has the uncanny ability to sing just about anything.  You already know Andreas from my blog posts about his own recordings and vocals on both Avicii’s “Fade Into Darkness” and John De Sohn’s “Long Time”.  The positive message, the lush production, those gorgeous arpeggios, plus Andreas’ truly engaged vocal make “Colors” one of the best EDM records around going into Spring.  The massive attack on club dance floors will ensue.  United We Are also includes last year’s UK Top 20 hit “Dare You” featuring Matthew Koma.  Get it on iTunes.

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