Out to Conquer: @ElevenPastOne Release the EP “The World Is Ours”

ELEVEN PAST ONE, The World Is Ours (EP)

I predict it’s going to be hard to stop hearing Eleven Past One on Canadian radio with the release of new songs on their EP The World Is Ours.  Of course it contains the noteworthy hits such as the title song and “Tonight’s The Night”, which gave the Ontario quintet a large following over the past few years, landing them on many multi-artist tours, particularly those sponsored by Canada’s Family Channel (our equivalent to a hybrid of Disney and Nickelodeon).  The songs would be nothing if they weren’t so well-written, tightly played, and fronted by the slick vocal talent of Daniel Richter.  And no doubt there will be some naysayers that say this is just so much formulaic pop rock aimed for radio and teens.  But I am never one to deny the appeal when it’s done as well as this.  

The genuine and moving new single “I’m Ready” (above) is accompanied by an important message about bullying which will resonate with all ages.  But the EP is more than just the singles.  “Night Of My Life” and “I Won’t Give Up” are classy winners.  What I also like about the production is the minimal use of studio trickery, which gives it an old school feel in some ways.  BUT….. the EP does have a secret weapon!  I don’t know what’s up with me and ballads this Fall, but “There’s Nothing Wrong” is a simply stellar and unexpected wow moment, and could be the band’s fourth and biggest hit.  Watch for Eleven Plus One on tour to support the EP, and don’t be too surprised if their songs push outside of Canadian borders.  

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