New York producer @INSTRUMental is back but on the pop tip with “You & I” featuring #AshleyWasser

INSTRUM featuring ASHLEY WASSER, “You & I”

While still riding the deep house genre, NYC producer INSTRUM returns with something decidedly lighter than some of his past songs with “You & I”.  It’s crisp and neat and everything that a pop/dance song oughta be with Ashley Wasser providing an alluring if familiar voice for some romance in the air.  A simple melody and steady rhythm along with some finger-snapping do take a decent song a long way, and as I’ve written before, what sounds easy is often not so!  If desired, I think some remixes could help take “You & I” further into some other directions that could enhance what the song offers.  But it’s great to hear some less complex music from INSTRUM so we’ll see where he heads next.  Check out “You & I” at the link above.

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Newcomers @BeauCollins & #Osrin offer sophisticated and pretty “Wonderland” featuring @allaboutMaggie

BEAU COLLINS & OSRIN featuring MAGGIE SZABO, “Wonderland”

It’s another global collaboration, this time newcomer producers Beau Collins from The Netherlands and Sweden’s Osrin with the sophisticated and pretty “Wonderland”.  Not only does “Wonderland” have layers of interesting synths and drops in all the right places, it features an appropriately gracious vocal by award-winning Canadian singer Maggie Szabo, who is now based out of L.A.  That vocal is always on point, and I enjoy that that producers have kept it a little gritty in spots.  The signs are all pointing to 2018 being a year filled with futuristic emotional electronic pop, whether sad or uplifting, and “Wonderland” is off to an early start in that regard.  And if these guys are as young as they look, then we’ll be hearing plenty more of Beau Collins and Osrin.