“What We’re Made Of” is an inspiring hot new banger from @itsDaveEdwards featuring @MarkAsari

DAVE EDWARDS featuring MARK ASARI, “What We’re Made Of”

The year continues to close out with some real gems, and I’ve been waiting especially for this one after hearing an early version of it some time ago.  NYC producer/remixer Dave Edwards is now coasting the path of original music and what a triumphant start he has with “What We’re Made Of” for Tipsy Records.  It features the earthy and urgent tones of Ghanaian UK-based singer Mark Asari, and with some highly creative synth work make it sound like an almost-sequel to Armin van Buuren’s “This Is What It Feels Like”.  “What We’re Made Of” is an inspiring ode to determination and keeping up all those good fights that we know can suffer if we give up too easily.  It’s an immediate call to the dance floor that can be an easy high point of the evening for club DJ’s who built up to it.  Plus it is so pop and radio-friendly that listeners will wait to hear it again and again.  Dave Edwards has it in the bag with “What We’re Made Of” and you can support it by listening above, playlisting it, and picking it up at your favorite online digital store.

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“What About Now” by @MKJaff featuring @Evangelia_music is vibrant, alluring dance pop

MKJ featuring EVANGELIA, “What About Now”

Texas-based self-taught musician and dance producer MKJ continues a steady stream of intriguing productions and remixes with an original, “What About Now”.  Even if it’s leading more with a pop flavour, “What About Now” has vibrant vibes and lots of tropical-sounding high end synth sounds that simply soar and will capture the ears of anyone who likes to have a good time.  New Jersey singer Evangelia offers a persuasive gal-next-door vocal to draw you in, while MKJ surrounds it with attractive beats and rhythms to help provide the positive reply to the title phrase.  Side note:  If you’ve been to China recently, you may have heard a song called “Time” which features a Morgan Freeman-soundalike narrative set to dance music.  It’s a little something MKJ created a few years back that is now taking on a massive life of its own outside of North America that I will leave you to investigate for your listening pleasure.  Our friends at Tipsy Records have got MKJ and are working on more fine music like “What About Now” and “Time” coming to you in 2018!  Check out “What About Now” at the link above.

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“Do Me” ignites Afro-pop dance rhythms from @itsFrankPierce featuring @MilesB_yeaaaa

FRANK PIERCE featuring MILES B., “Do Me”

Hearing African rhythms blended slickly with international dance and pop styles is quite refreshing in the latest from western New York producer/songwriter Frank Pierce with “Do Me”, featuring vocalist Miles B.  The flavours in “Do Me” come from Nigeria, and they are definitely joyous, a fusion of African pop and familiar dance hall sounds.  The song stands out with its buoyant, unconventional polyrhythmic beats and cheerful synths, which are guaranteed to make your body want to let loose.  “Do Me” has a funky side to it and a soulful, but the overall result is irrefutably pop which would fit happily alongside songs from Major Lazer.  If you’ve heard his recent collaboration with Nick Peters on one of my current faves “No Love In Brooklyn”, then you know that “Do Me” is another good reason to get to know more of the music of Frank Pierce.  Once again from Tipsy Records in conjunction with Epic Oslo, “Do Me” is a whole lotta fun and delivers the goods!

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“Sinner” is a winner from The Netherlands’ @Lulleauxmusic featuring #SVM

LULLEAUX featuring SVM, “Sinner”

Hot off the presses as Tipsy Records’ first release of 2017 is “Sinner” by Dutch producer Lulleaux.  You may have already heard Lulleaux gracing a Sam Feldt EP and also being supported by the likes of Kygo and Bakerman, while recently offering some of his own songs via the Epic label.  “Sinner” is a great companion song to “Closer” or “Paris” by The Chainsmokers, with a wistful, relateable vocal by SVM.  But it’s the use of trumpet throughout and starting just before the minute mark that seals the deal with “Sinner”.  The trumpet is much underutilized in pop music in favour of saxophone, and the recent hit that you’ll associate it with is Capital Cities’ “Safe And Sound”, another one you’ll want to play back-to-back with it.  “Sinner” is a very promising, effortless, and diverse deep house song that clubs won’t want to miss out.

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