A Voice That Soars: “Titanium” by @JamesPoole_


JAMES POOLE, “Titanium”

I often enjoy reading posts from my fellow bloggers as much as I do writing them.  And there are the times that I must write about the same performer I’ve just read about 🙂

Such is the case with James Poole, former member of London sextet Class A, who is now striking out on his own with a few online covers.  My Fizzy Pop himself has a way with words that just do not come out onto my blog pages the same way, so do check out his recent endorsement of James.  I heartily concur.  David Guetta & Sia’s “Titanium” is so often covered, and many who post You Tube videos just cannot even come close to the Sia performance (someone like Matthew John Kurz’s rendition notwithstanding 🙂 ).  James’ wide-ranging voice starts out low, gains momentum, and has such natural power in the chorus that it not only will send goosebumps through you, but it will nail you deep down.  This is a voice made to sing… whatever the heck he wants, really.  I’ll be sure to check out his other recent covers, but hopefully some originals are forthcoming that will showcase his voice.  

Picture a younger Matt Dusk sound with what My Fizzy Pop says is “classical operatic quality” to his voice… and there you have James Poole.  More – much more – please 🙂

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