“So Real” reworks “Warriors” by @TooManyZooz and @KDAbeats with lyrics and dynamic @JessGlynne appeal!

TOO MANY ZOOZ vs KDA featuring JESS GLYNNE, “So Real (Warriors)”

Sometimes the life of one song can unfold in many different and exciting ways.  “So Real (Warriors)” started off as “Warriors”, a rollicking, in-your-face R&B/jazz instrumental by NYC trio Too Many Zooz.  It then took on new life for the dance floor in a rework with British producer KDA.  A few remixes later (including by Armand Van Helden) and five months after I first wrote about it, “So Real (Warriors)” arrives with not only lyrics but a dynamic vocal by UK sensation Jess Glynne!  With Jess’ amazing popularity in the UK – which includes 7 number ones! – “So Real (Warriors)” should find its way quickly into the public ear, bringing what is a fine song in the first place some deserved success in a rather roundabout way.  Although Jess has yet to have North American hits under her own name – known best for singing on Clean Bandit’s massive “Rather Be” – “So Real (Warriors)” should help keep that audience attuned for her upcoming album.

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“Warriors” is horn-soaked R&B-flavoured dance music from NYC trio @TooManyZooz and UK producer @KDAbeats

TOO MANY ZOOZ and KDA, “Warriors”

“Warriors” is a fun, jazzy R&B instrumental from NYC’s Too Many Zooz that becomes a showy dance floor filler with astute additional production from UK producer KDA, who appeared on my personal chart last year with a more classic house mix of “Just Say”.  Too Many Zooz make the most of power from their horns and bass drum, whose joyous live sounds frame the glorious announcements of the trumpet and the dirtier, more aggressive sax tones, with the percolating fast-paced house backdrop from KDA.  It’s all very reminiscent of 90’s American groups like Us3 or Arrested Development who brought similar elements to the table, though I think KDA also adds some 80’s UK classic dance to the party, influenced perhaps by records like Bomb The Bass’ “Beat Dis” as well as British house music of the day.  You can also check out the original version of “Warriors” in its entertaining video below (ya never know what goes on deep in NYC subways!).  “Warriors” is a definite grower so watch for it.

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