“Another Dimension” mixes old school trance with contemporary progressive house, courtesy of German’s @MartenHorger

MARTEN HØRGER, “Another Dimension”

If you’re looking for music mixed with old school trance by the likes of The Chemical Brothers or early BT, but mixed with contemporary progressive house that you’d hear on a Fisher release, then Marten Hørger’s “Another Dimension’ will have no problem winning you over.  It’s familiar but incredibly playful, as you’ll find when you reach the halfway mark and this remarkable, attention-grabbing pause occurs and then rebuilds over 40 seconds, reminding me a lot actually of the mid-section of “Setting Sun”.  Club DJ’s will enjoy how the song will keep their crowd on the dance floor not knowing what to expect next.  “Another Dimension” is the kind of song that will gain traction over the coming months and into winter festival season.

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Florida electronic music producer @Trivectamusic makes Toronto club debut, new song with @Woolimusic @Excision @JulianneHope “Oxygen”



Tampa, Florida electronic music producer Trivecta (aka Sam Dobkin) easily won over Toronto dubstep fans with his alternately hard hitting and melodic style at Revival Bar last night, where he opened for dubstep master Wooli.  His set slammed super-hard at times – in anticipation of the headliner of course – but transitioned quite well and often into more melodic tones that he has been known for through some of his originals as well as his remixes.  Trivecta, like many other producers in the genre these days, is also a musician, and whipped out his guitar a few times to the utter delight of the invested audience.  Among the highlights in his set were a remixes of songs by “his buddy Gavin” Dabin with “Alive”, “Without You My Love” by Seven Lions, and the song that easily received the best crowd reaction, “Fractures” by another of his pals, Illenium (listen below).  The club was also worked up when he played Above & Beyond’s “Sun & Moon”, and when he brought out his guitar again to his own “Break Me”.  All in all, Trivecta was definitely pumped up by the audience’s warm embrace and it was an entertaining set.


Trivecta also is part of a new release on Excision and Wooli’s EP “Evolution”, which arrived yesterday.  “Oxygen” is a heartwarming slice of emotional electronica that definitely plays to the style of Illenium’s recent Ascend album.  Featuring a touching vocal by co-writer Julianne Hope, the song alternates dramatic synths with softer moments that will appeal to fans who enjoy Illenium’s “Crashing” and other similar songs.  Check it out above.


Merci. Gracias. Danke. For the new song. Banger. @NoThanksmusic.”To The Top”.

NO THANKS, “To The Top”

It’s only their second release, but I’m liking what mystery production duo No Thanks have in mind with “To The Top”.  It’s one quick and tidy banger that will keep club goers on the dance floor, a swift mix of trance and future bass that will draw in fans of producers like Morgan Page, Madison Mars, and Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike.  It’s 2:12 of sheer fun and playful vocals.  And the guys even get their name in there too!  “To The Top” will lift you up and keep you there for a while.

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Listen to @Khrebtomusic take no prisoners with the crunch of “Droppin’ Acid”

KHREBTO, “Droppin’ Acid”

Russian producer Khrebto had Tiësto at ‘hello’ when the superstar slid “Droppin’ Acid” into one of his sets this past Spring and long before release.  Now we have the song all to ourselves, and it’s a fun but crunchy trip into the pounding bangers of the wee hours.  Taking trance-like influences from when Tiësto himself was emerging, “Droppin’ Acid” has retro appeal while still remaining cutting edge.  The song is actually about crushing it in a club after digging through crates for the right tunes.  It’s definitely one for the DJ’s who I’m sure will be more than glad to spin it at length.

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Sweden’s @DimitriVangelis and @Wymanofficial go big and majestic with Toronto’s @Dzekoofficial in “The King”


“The King” is definitely an intriguing instrumental release that will go a long way at festivals.  Swedish duo Dimitri Vangelis and Wyman truly go big and majestic with this one in partnership with my fellow Torontonian, the Juno Award-nominated Dzeko (whose set I got to see back in March in Miami).  “The King” could easily be a set opener, with its sweeping start which leads into a minute and a half of solid A+ trance… and then it comes to a halt, taking its well-paced time to build up again after 40 seconds or so.  If this wasn’t done so right, the audience could easily bail on the song, but one could visualize some kind of royal making his or her pointed and quiet walk, only to raise his/her hands to let the proceedings recommence.  And so, let the crowd go wild for the rest of the song’s 3:29.  “The King” is one unique song for the electronic dance music world so be prepared to hear it all summer and into the winter festival months.

Rising producer @Trivectamusic dishes out welcome trance flavours in potent dubstep of “Axis”


Florida-based producer Trivecta has been garnering attention this year for his varied exploration of dubstep outside of its now-conventional boundaries.  His latest single “Axis” is a prime example of this, incorporating very welcome trance flavours while keeping the breakdowns creative and the beats huge.  I could picture “Axis” in the soundtrack to a video game, as well as the heads bobbing to it at festivals.  “Axis” is made to be big and aggressive and loud and proud, and will continue to afford Trivecta the growing attention in club and festival circles.

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*Republished* WORLD PREMIERE – @youareYouandMe’s dark, trance remix of “Dancing On My Own” by @Robynkonichiwa

ROBYN, “Dancing On My Own” (You&Me Remix) [B-side]

NYC duo You&Me have given me the esteemed pleasure of giving you the world premiere of their second remix of “Dancing On My Own” by Robyn.  I was happy to bring you the ebullient progressive house “A-side” remix a few weeks ago.  The “B-side” shows You&Me’s keen interest in the darker side of trance music – the first thing you’ll wonder about is the vocal and it is indeed Robyn!!  The guys essential build the EDM equivalent of a dub version of “Dancing On My Own” around the key chorus turns a peppy pop/dance anthem into a slick mirror image that will click with alternative dance clubs.  Open-minded Robyn fans and DJ’s will totally get it.  As much as you can spin the “A-side” remix and fill a dance floor, the “B-side” remix will also generate some positive reaction and commentary.  What’s your flavour, “A-side” or “B-side”?  Let the revival continue 🙂  Listen to the “B-side” at the link above.

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Dancing Shoes On? Give Thanks to the EDM “Music Gods” by Davis Redfield & @CarlManMusic

DAVIS REDFIELD featuring CARL MAN, “Music Gods”

HOUSE ROCKERZ featuring DAVIS REDFIELD & CARL MAN, “Electrify The Night”

You’ll recall both of these gents from blog posts written during the last year, German DJ/producer Davis Redfield from his “A World Apart” glory on my personal chart (peaked at #4), and Carl Man from a blog post I wrote about a previous single last Fall.  Davis’ energetic and relentless EDM style suits Carl’s voice to a ‘T’ (or perhaps to a ‘C’ 😉 ) on “Music Gods”.  It’s a cut way above the rest of a lot of Europop out there!

Even more fab is Davis Redfield and Carl Man’s collaboration with House Rockerz on the blistering “Electrify The Night”, which so far in my research only appears available on a European dance compilation.  But the songs are from the same songwriting pedigree (Charlie Mason and ever-so-reliable team, also responsible for “A World Apart”), which makes “Music Gods” and “Electrify The Night” two of a perfect pair.  “Electrify The Night” though has the potential to be one of those dance floor anthems that you will hear forever more!

The dance floor will compel you to give in and flourish under the multi-coloured disco lights, allowing the “Music Gods” to accomplish their mission – trippy, emotion-draining bliss that will indeed electrify your night 🙂

You can buy both songs on iTunes.  Watch the lyrics video for “Music Gods” above and you can hear a sample of “Electrify The Night” right here.

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Hey! There’s a @MartinGarrix and @Firebeatz “Helicopter” on the Dance Floor!!


Martin Garrix is the latest, and probably youngest, king of the dance clubs thanks to his beyond-infectious Billboard #1 dance hit and now Top 40 hit “Animals”.  He has a distinct and big, big progressive sound in his music which makes it rise above so much other equally trippy sounding dance music of today.  “Helicopter”, his pairing with Firebeatz, proves that Martin is no flash in the pan.  It’s equally as contagious as “Animals”, will set raves afire, and who knows, might even start a new dance craze 😀  Be prepared to whirl away to “Helicopter” through the summer months.  You can get it right now through Beatport.

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