“For What It’s Worth” is crystalline dance/pop from the UK’s @TiggyHawke and @Sondrofficial

TIGGY HAWKE and SONDR, “For What It’s Worth”

Don’t worry, it’s not a dance version of the Buffalo Springfield classic!  The UK’s Tiggy Hawke and producers Sondr (who recently brought us their own unique spin on Eiffel 65’s “Blue” called “So Blue”) pair up for “For What It’s Worth”.  It’s a bright, positive, crystalline-sounding slice of dance/pop that might need a few listens, as it did with me, before it sinks in.  It’s a nice blend of melodic and tropical house vibes carried by Tiggy’s distinct and knowing vocal, which doesn’t sound an awful like other singers from England.  Dance music radio should enjoy this one and it’s clear that its record company Armada definitely believes in this song, which also has the potential to resonate at spring and summer festivals.

Another side of the remarkable @JaneBadler with breezy danceable pop of “Sunburn”

JANE BADLER, “Sunburn”

As much as I have been fascinated by the melodrama of Jane Badler’s recent songs such as “Losing You”, “Dead Eyes”, “Yesterday’s Tomorrows” and even “Black Silk Stockings” (with its wacked-out video!), another page is in motion for the much respected actress and singer with “Sunburn”.  Yet another delight from the words and music of Charlie Mason and Richard Hymas with production from ever on-point Ricardo Autobahn, “Sunburn” is breezy tropical-flavoured dance pop, which perhaps draws more from Jane’s jazz-pop recordings vocally than from recent releases.  UV rays and suntan lotion be damned, “Sunburn” goes down mighty easily, and it’s a first for Jane in collaboration with Energise Recordings, who have recently brought us Nicki French’s “Teardrops (On The Disco Floor)” and “Magic” by Sean Smith.  Some dance remixes of “Sunburn” would definitely be in order!  Watch Jane – and lots of smiling! – in the lyric video for “Sunburn” above.

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Tropical feels: @matomaofficial featuring @BeckyHill with “False Alarm”

MATOMA featuring BECKY HILL, “False Alarm”

Norwegian producer/musician Matoma looks to have a big summer hit under way with the major label release of “False Alarm”, featuring Becky Hill, who rose to fame as a contestant on the UK’s “The Voice”, and subsequently scored on the UK charts featured in songs by Oliver Heldens and Rudimental.  “False Alarm” has the potential to break both performers even more worldwide.  Becky’s voice definitely has Adele qualities to it, particularly when the song’s story and melody are at their most vulnerable.  Matoma, who has remixed everyone under the sun in such a short time, including Eminem, Enrique Iglesias, and Coldplay, creates a lilting mix that’s quite unlike other tropical EDM.  He doesn’t just shake those vibes at you, he draws you in and they become companions to the emotional feels in the song.  Watch for Matoma on his “Party At Your Place” tour this Fall, coming to a city near you!

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#AlexSchulz and @KisoArmic envision @DJSnake’s “Middle” (featuring Kayla Diamond (@kayrachdi)as a romantic summery anthem

ALEX SCHULZ & KISO featuring KAYLA DIAMOND, “Middle” (free DL)

I say often that I’m not fond of covers, but there are some fine ones about lately.  Normally I’m also not fond when a cover takes too many liberties with song, sending it in a totally different direction from the original, making me think wait a minute….  But envisioning “Middle” as a summery romantic anthem is totally a good thing courtesy of Alex Schulz & Kiso.  This is a well-done, laid back tropically-seasoned mix with a splendidly hot Kayla Diamond vocal that is completely unlike the DJ Snake original.  This rendition of “Middle” is more innovative than simply trying hard to be different from the original.  It goes down smoothly and should do so equally in a club mix.  Get it for free at the link above.

@officialKoni remixes “Burn Fast” by @BryceFoxed into deep house bliss

BRYCE FOX, “Burn Fast” (Koni remix)

I enjoy finding fine new original songs through remixes, just as much as I like hearing songs that are transformed by remixes.  The former is the case with “Burn Fast” by L.A.-based singer/songwriter Bryce Fox.  This is a cheery, tropical-tinged, very visual song with a convincing, enthusiastic vocal by Bryce that is given a wicked deep house treatment courtesy of Germany’s Koni, who also works with (the recently blogged-about) Saxity among others.   Bryce’s voice has a slick ‘n soulful edge reminiscent of Conor Maynard, Brandyn Burnette and others and is perfectly suited to this genre.  “Burn Fast” in Koni’s remix will stick in your head and become a contender for repeated plays.  Download it for free at the link above.

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