Is it summer yet? So the effervescent “Don’t Let Me Go” by @konimusic, Tom Bailey and Ane might have us believe

KONI, TOM BAILEY and ANE, “Don’t Let Me Go”

It’s been a while since we heard from German producer Koni – one half of Saxity – so here he’s back with his first 2019 release, “Don’t Let Me Go” with British producer/singer Tom Bailey (not he of The Thompson Twins) and vocalist Ane.  Ever-reliable, Koni and friends have concocted a pristine production which will instantly transport you somewhere warm and relaxing for some romance.  “Don’t Let Me Go” is unassuming but immensely appealing and effervescent deep house, a song that definitely deserves a wider audience.  Bring on the summer – “Don’t Let Me Go” definitely has me as an early believer!

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“What You Do” is a must for the club and festival circuit from British duo @KuDeTaofficial and Dutch producer @JoeStonemusic with singer Sylvia Mwenze


There are some songs that just belong in clubland, so you can expect to hear “What You Do”, as made in the collaboration of British production duo Ku De Ta (as in coup d’état) and Dutch producer Joe Stone, for the rest of the Fall and into Winter.  “What You Do” has a splendid uptempo house rhythm and a vocal by Sylvia Mwenze that is nothing short of perfect for this kind of song.  And there is nothing better to do with this kind of record but to loosen up, put on those dancing shoes, and groove the night away.  Joe Stone has been known to make some crafty, infectious tracks, such as 2015’s “The Party” which brought back Montell Jordan’s “This Is How We Do it” to clubs 20 years later.  Matched with Ku De Ta, and to keep us happy, these guys could definitely work on another record or five 🙂

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Disco and funk vibes are alive and well in “Patagonia” by UK trio @Patawawa

PATAWAWA, “Patagonia”

Although the UK has been noted for many wonderful R&B/soul and dance artists since the 1970’s, you’d hardly think that a broad, funky slice of disco like “Patagonia” would come from an electronic UK trio from Matlock in Derbyshire like Patawawa.  It’s from their upcoming EP called Bedroom, and “Patagonia” is just so refreshing with a lot going for it in a cluttered dance music market.  Members Sam and Rory start off the song with soul-influenced vocals complementing a snappy funk rhythm that reminds me of Penguin Prison or Dan Black from earlier in the decade, along with a catchy chorus.  Then BLAMMO in comes the secret weapon of Beth Garrett’s vocal where one would not expect it, at around the 1:20 mark.  I like that “Patagonia” takes risks like that while still being blissfully entertaining because you’re going to want to hear Beth’s voice again… and you shall 🙂  Patawawa will easily draw you in to all of the intrigue of “Patagonia” so make sure you listen above and watch for the EP to drop on January 26.

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Doo-wop pop’s gonna get you in “Madame Beaujolais” by British duo @YesBabez !

YES BABEZ!, “Madame Beaujolais”

You read that right – London duo Mick and Lily, aka YES BABEZ!, have a flair for fun and it arrives doo-wop pop style with “Madame Beaujolais”.  The song itself is much ado about nothing but in a Bananarama kind of way, and YES BABEZ! dazzle with minimal instrumentation and emphasis on sublimely fine vocals.  I could do without the keyboard sounds which make it sometimes more of an unintended companion to Scandinavian dance pop, but YES BABEZ! have the start of a good thing with “Madame Beaujolais” and I’d definitely like to hear more like this.  Give it a spin at the link above.

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No Romeo, Just @LawsonOfficial’s “Juliet”

LAWSON, “Juliet”

Fresh off their fun, melodic and energetic show in Toronto on Friday night, the lads from Lawson – Andy, Ryan , Joel and Adam – continue to tantalize us with their infectious brand of rocking pop, which has already taken them a few times to the UK Top 10, most recently with “Brokenhearted”.  “Juliet” is definitely another smart story that is guided by a hook that tears a page out of Bruno Mars’ “Locked Out Of Heaven” (which of course nods heavily to The Police).  Snappy drum work by Adam and always affecting everyguy vocal by Andy will help “Juliet” likely find a bigger audience than some of their other songs.  Now we just need a new album or EP to package it up along with”Brokenhearted” and a few other new songs.  Like the retro costuming in the video too!  “Juliet” is due in October in the UK.  Below is a pic from their concert.

2013-08-30 21.34.04

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Must Hear New Album: Sam Dickinson – The Stories That Occurred


SAM DICKINSON,  The Stories That Occurred

I like to think of today’s music world as a treasure trove of delights waiting to be discovered.  I’m fortunate enough to receive previews of songs and albums, and occasionally get my socks knocked off by some terrific performers.  Sam Dickinson is a relatively new UK singer whose album The Stories That Occurred is released on Monday.  I already wrote about his initial single/video “How It Used To Be”, one of the standouts of the very personal songs on the album.  Sam is one of those quintessential UK soul voices that comes along rarely, though guys like Charlie Brown and Daley are good company for him.  But The Stories That Occurred is awash in more old school soul – definitely back to the 60’s with Sam & Dave and Aretha, but more noticeably 80’s such as Paul Young and The Style Council, but particularly Simply Red.  And just as when you look at Mick Hucknall, you do not expect such a big, resonant, soul-ridden voice to come out of Sam Dickinson.

But it does, and indeed it is the showpiece of the album, as it should be.  The Stories That Occurred contains upbeat songs and ballads, and is richly produced to compete with any similar sounding big label guns.  His new single “Learn To Wait” is a foot-stomper that leaps out of your stereo speakers with its powerful vocal and big horn arrangement – watch the video below.  The other standouts on the record are “Lift Your Head”, which is an inspirational and heartfelt song about cancer awareness, and the ballad “A Million Miles”, which uses Sam’s power and the horn arrangement to different effects.  

Sam Dickinson is definitely not a talent you want to miss!  Watch for the opportunity to catch his shows if you are in England.  The fine work on this album speaks for itself.  It should attract pop and R&B/soul fans in droves, and “Learn To Wait” is the single that will help get Sam the attention that this album deserves.  Get it on iTunes!

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