Fierce remixing with no compromise: @Vicetone takes on @The_Prodigy’s “Omen”

THE PRODIGY, “Omen” (Vicetone bootleg remix)

No kind of advance warning will prepare you for the big bounce of Vicetone’s bootleg remix of The Prodigy’s 2009 UK Top 5 hit “Omen”.  The Dutch duo already dropped an excellent original in January with “Fix You”, but this updating of “Omen” is something that club DJ’s should be seriously considering for a powerhouse set.  This remix is completely fierce and The Prodigy’s fans should be more than happy with it.  Taking inspiration from the industrial electronics of the 80’s as well as The Prodigy’s mid 90’s heyday (think more of “Breathe” than “Firestarter”) combined with a new instrumental backdrop – those strings sounds are killer! – give Vicetone’s remix of “Omen” the potential for the song’s revival.  It’s a totally wicked surprise that commands your attention.  Vicetone should now be on your ‘watch list’ for anything that comes from them in 2018 🙂

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“Fix You” marks a stellar return for renown Dutch producers @Vicetone



It’s a most welcome return indeed for Dutch duo Vicetone (aka Ruben and Victor), who brought us the top notch EP Aurora in 2016, with the highlight for me from it being “Bright Side”,  featuring Cosmos & Creature’s first appearance in the dance music world.  “Fix You” is equally as joyous and positive musically, but the vocal (uncredited, but shhh it’s American singer Kyd The Band) is soulful and committed and adds extra drive power to the song.  Some of the best dance music in the world with pop potential like “Fix You” continues to come from The Netherlands, and Vicetone – who took time out to create a soundtrack remix album for the video game “League Of Legends” no less – are poised to maintain their status as world-class producers along with those who inspired them such as Eric Prydz and Swedish House Mafia.  Add “Fix You” to your danceable love songs playlist at the Spotify link below.

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Slick progressive house from @Vicetone with “Nevada” (featuring @CoziZuehlsdorff)


After the more melodic efforts from their recent EP Aurora, such as “Bright Side” featuring Cosmos & Creature (Brandyn Burnette and Molly Moore), Dutch producers Vicetone return slicker and heavier with “Nevada”.  Featuring an outstanding and gritty vocal from young Cozi Zuehlsdorff, “Nevada” motors right along with some thoughtful lyrics in an overall package that has the same European flavour that brought Alan Walker’s “Faded” to worldwide attention.  Vicetone continue to show their diversity with songs like this as well as why they continue to be much sought after in the dance music community.  Listen to “Nevada” above.  The Monstercat label has another winner with this one.

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The Sunny side: @TwoFriendsmusic reinterpret “Bright Side” by @Vicetone & @CosmosnCreature

VICETONE featuring COSMOS & CREATURE, “Bright Side” (Two Friends remix)

The prolific production/remix/performing duo of Matt and Eli, aka Two Friends, offers a warm and summery interpretation of the recently released Spinnin’ Records hit “Bright Side” by Dutch producer/DJ’s Vicetone in a collaboration with Cosmos & Creature (who are Brandyn Burnette and Molly Moore).  These kinds of musical pairings are sheer bliss.  While I’m still caught up in the shiny synth hook of the original (#9 on the latest BILLCS Top 30), which always makes me feel good, Two Friends replace it with house rhythms perfect for a beach party theme, with or without the beach 😛  This remix is already #1 all over Hype Machine’s charts and I’m happy to add to the mix 🙂  It’s one of three remixes on the “Bright Side” single, now available on all platforms.

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Dutch duo @Vicetone pairs up with @CosmosnCreature for club smash-in-the-making “Bright Side”

VICETONE featuring COSMOS & CREATURE, “Bright Side”

In what is one of the most unique pairings of 2016 so far, noted Dutch production duo Vicetone partners with American duo Cosmos & Creature – that’s Brandyn Burnette and Molly Moore 😀 – for “Bright Side”, a new Spinnin’ Records release.  Brandyn and Molly are no strangers to dance music.  Molly wrote Dubvision’s 2014 hit “Hollow” and both have dabbled with some inventive remixes lately for his “Made Of Dreams” and her “Peace Of My Heart”.  The arrangement in “Bright Side” focuses on elegant strings and high end to create the appropriate gleaming pop sound that compliments the positive lyrics and lighter house rhythms of the track.  “Bright Side” was one of the first-ever written songs by Brandyn and Molly so it’s great to see it in the dance music realm.  Those looking for something a little different and chipper to play in their club mix will appreciate “Bright Side”.  Listen above and pick it up for free right here.

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