Not to be tamed: @NewImmunity remix of @MickyBlue’s “Wild Things”

MICKY BLUE, “Wild Things” (New Immunity remix)

The guys in New Immunity recently got their hands all over Molly Moore’s “Come Fly”, her cover of the classic Sinatra tune, and showed how that song could easily swing with EDM.  With Micky Blue’s “Wild Things”, they have a powerhouse indie original which is transformed from a cutting alt.rock ballad, and it’s given not only a big bouncing rhythm but also some scorching rock guitars, which make it impossible to miss in a set.  What I like best about this remix is its balance; you can zero in on Micky’s softer vocal parts just as easily as when some vocal effects go arm-in-arm with those guitars.  Club DJ’s would be wise to unleash “Wild Things” on a big crowd for one untamed evening ahead.  Download it for free at the above link.