Facing up to it: “Every Feeling” by @WinandWoo and @IanGottofficial


WIN & WOO and IAN GOTT, “Every Feeling”

Chicago-based duo Win and Woo have lots of magic up their sleeves waiting to be unleashed if their latest songs are any indication.  Following up the quirky and whimsical “Chasing Tail” is “Every Feeling”, more on the serious side but definitely with a lot of bright messages.  Recruiting expressive L.A. vocalist Ian Gott to convey the story, “Every Feeling” is about finding the maturity to face all of the different feelings we can encounter, without bottling them up inside.  It’s a really positive song for the younger audience, and has a sufficient anthemic bounce to go over well early on in the evening at a club.  Win and Woo’s production has a lot of sparkle, with accent on some enjoyable percussive sounds.  Add “Every Feeling” to your Brighter Side of Things playlist using the Spotify link above.

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Chicago’s @WinandWoo channel missing someone through the upbeat “Chasing Tail”

WIN AND WOO, “Chasing Tail”

Win and Woo take a few steps to the left for their latest single “Chasing Tail”.  It’s actually an upbeat anthem of sorts that would mix perfectly with The Chainsmokers’ “Roses” but has very reflective lyrics which turn out to be all about missing someone.  Anyone can relate to this song, whether it be about a relationship ending, someone who’s gone, or even a pet (hence the title reference).  The uncredited female vocal sounds wonderfully familiar and digs right into the song’s message as well as its buoyant fist-pumping qualities too.  While Win and Woo are more than capable of knocking house bangers out of the park, “Chasing Tail” is a fine crowd-pleasing detour.  Mix it up on your favourite dance music playlist with the Spotify link above.

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Up in the air: @WinandWoo team up with @BryceFoxed for “Chicago

WIN AND WOO featuring BRYCE FOX, “Chicago”

The windy city’s own Nick Winholt and Austin Woo bring us one of their best original offerings yet with “Chicago”.  A familiar, playful melody is set against the recognizable voice of Bryce Fox, who we got to know last year with his own “Burn Fast” (which Win & Woo also remixed).  It’s obsession versus nature in Win and Woo’s hometown as the singer wants an affair that’s not meant to be, even if it was helped by the windy city itself, as the singer pleads till the song’s end.  Alas big cities can’t always fulfill our dreams, even the crazy ones.  Win and Woo have pop whimsy more in mind this time instead of an EDM club shaker, and it all works out well as a whole.  Pick it up at your favourite digital store.

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@MissMollyMoore delivers the slick and dark “Don’t Believe It”

MOLLY MOORE, “Don’t Believe It”

Like her talented guy (and co-songwriter here) Brandyn Burnette, L.A. based singer Molly Moore is a hot commodity itching to break out, and the slick, dark “Don’t Believe It” could help pave the way.  Like Lorde and Banks, Molly’s main feat in recording edgier songs than other women singers is to be utterly convincing.  And that she is, supported by an arrangement that flows and taut production by co-songwriter Steve Dresser.  I’ve written up some other comparisons of older singers to Molly, but this time she recalls none other than Carly Simon at times.

And just in time for “Don’t Believe It” to strike online comes a remix of Molly’s earlier “Natural Disaster” by Win and Woo, which is available as a free download right here.  It might seem a bit odd to put a Caribbean kind of flavour to such a stark song, but the light EDM wash definitely gives the song a new vibe and it’s well worth checking out.

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