Cozy and funky “Space For Us” comes from NYC’s @itsWingtip and UK vocalist @YOUNGR

WINGTIP featuring YOUNGR, “Space For Us”

Rising upstarts Wingtip and YOUNGR are off to instant collaborative success with “Space For Us”.  It’s a cozy, funky slice of mid-tempo dance music to keep you that much warmer this winter.  New Yorker Wingtip uses a classic melody structure and some ear-catching, uncomplicated-sounding effects to counter and enhance British singer YOUNGR’s inviting, versatile vocal (accent, what accent?).  The theme of everyone belonging and being welcome is starting to emerge readily in new music, whether its in a play for romance or about having a party.  Wingtip is getting some fabulous recognition – from the likes of Giorgio Moroder no less in the form of another recent collaboration.  But I definitely think this in-sync pairing of Wingtip and YOUNGR shouldn’t be a one-time deal.  Check out “Space For Us” at the Spotify link above.

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